Open Floor Plan: 4 Decor Ideas To Bring The Kitchen And Living Room Together


Open Floor Plan

Having an open floor plan can create some challenges when you want to blend the styles of different rooms and still create a designation between spaces. You have to master some décor techniques that will make the transition seamless. Here are some ideas that you can utilize to bring the kitchen and living room together.

Consider Your Flooring

Stylish Flooring

Having the same type of flooring running between the spaces will make it appear more open and less segmented. Select a variety of flooring that will lend well to this strategy so that you won’t have to worry about water or other types of incidentals from occurring. The coloring will also need to be taken into account to incorporate the style of both rooms. Match it to your furnishings and your cabinetry so that your floor doesn’t appear out of place.

Blend Color Palettes

Blend Color Palettes

Using the same color palette on the walls will also help to create an open flow. Consider using an accent piece in your kitchen so that you can still bring in a touch of personality into space. You don’t want the two areas to completing blend into each other. There should always be a sense that they’re two different rooms that work well together. Using complementary color palettes with your furnishings could help tie in the architectural elements.

Create Separate Spaces

Architectural Bi-Fold Door

Even with an open floor plan, there may be times in which you want a more intimate feel to your living space. Installing bi-fold doors in your home can help you close off areas that you don’t want to be showcased when you’re entertaining. It will create an atmosphere of intimacy but still allow you to open up space when you’re hosting a dinner party.

Use Seating to Your Advantage

Kitchen Island

The trend in open floor plans is that the kitchen island is used as a separation of the spaces. This seating option can still be replicated even if you don’t have a kitchen island to act as a buffer between the spaces. Another benefit of the kitchen islands it that it creates a place for people to sit while you’re preparing a meal. Adding area rugs and chairs around the perimeter may also help to achieve the desired effect without having to sacrifice the look of being an open concept.

Use these tips so that you can decorate your kitchen and living room in a style that will bring them together. You can still have two functional areas that will meld well when it comes to your décor selections.

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