Optimum Space Saving Ideas For Granny Flats


Making the older people in the family comfortable and contented should be a priority in our lives. Now, when we are about to make them settle in their own space without making them worried about their dear belongings, we can go for ideas that can help us to create a relaxing room for them, as well as their possessions.

Here are some of the best techniques that can save a lot of space within the Granny Flats.

  1. Folded Table For Kitchen:

Kitchen Table

Folded kitchen tabletop will help you use the top while cooking or when having meals. Other than that, you can always fold the table and keep it aside, which can give you a sense of more space. Another wall-attached tabletop can be installed and used for reading, eating, and preparing food, as well as other multiple purposes.

  1. Keep Wall-Mounted Shelves:

Wall Mounted Shelves

The wall-mounted shelves are beneficial for keeping books and other required items properly within the Granny Flats. It will not use much floor space, and you do not need extra cabinets to maintain the necessary things. These racks can be easily reached and can be mounted on the wall near the sitting area.

  1. Built-in Organized Spaces:

Organized Space

Granny Flats can get a lot of space if you can manage some built-in storage before setting up the whole area. This will give a clean and spacious look with the maximum use of space.

  1. Storage Under Beds And Sofas:

Storage Under Beds

You can make perfect storage under the beds, as well as within the sofas. If you do not want a large bed, you can go for the sofa-cum-bed options, which will save you space. Other than these, Granny Flats, with such storage facilities within the mattress, is immensely functional, as you can easily keep pillows, quilts, and blankets within the storage.

  1. Use Rugs Or Carpets As Dividers:


If you want to mark certain areas for specific requirements within Granny Flats, you can go for the medium-sized rugs and carpets, which will help define each corner of the room, like the space allotted for reading, relaxing, and more. This will not require concrete or wooden dividers that may use more space.

  1. Small Couches:


It is better to remember that big furniture will take up more room and can make the granny flats look small. However, if you carefully choose furniture that supports saving square feet, then go for the small couches for your drawing or relaxing section. Small or single sofas can make the place appear more prominent.

  1. Innovative Shoe Racks:

Innovative Shoe Racks

Keeping shoes can be a big problem if you do not know where to place them. Some people prefer them just beside the main entrance, and others prefer them within a specific area inside the Granny Flat. If you want to keep the shoes covered, you can always go for the wall-mounted covered shoe racks, which are easy to handle and incredibly compact.

  1. Compact Study:

Study Room Design

Having a study is one of the primary requirements for the aged and retired people, as most of them want to spend their retired life reading good books. Hence, making a small study with shelves, a folding table, and a folding chair can surely make more space for such small flats.

Whatever the requirement, it is recommended that even before settling down at your modest home, get in touch with an interior professional who can suggest great ideas for saving space for your Granny Flat.

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