Options That Come More Often When Building New Home


Building a new home is all about shaping our dreams with bricks and giving it a larger structure. Building a house is never a rocket science and for this reason, much of struggle, planning is needed to shape a building of our own choice. Before thinking about a customized design of a house one must think about the basic design, the foot foundation that is ought to be strong enough and also, the blue print of land demarcation and the plot division also.

There are arrays of contractors who take the responsibility of building the house with in a stipulated time period and also, they provide with labors, machines and have their own suppliers contacted. This makes the work easier for a person but many are there who prefer it to be planned and built on their own, they contact suppliers on their own and have the labors rented too on their own; they arrange for the machines as well.

The Dilemma Of Contractors


If a contractor should be hired and appointed or not is the biggest dilemma in the inception and hence , one must have a clear idea in his/her head about arranging machines , arranging suppliers and getting the labors rented and hired . Also, there are few pros and cons of hiring a house contractor. Some of them are mentioned below. Let’s take a look-


  • They do it within a stipulated time period
  • The work is systematic enough
  • They arrange all stuff such as labors, machines, suppliers and other materials too


  • The financial expenses are increased as the contractor has to be paid a stipulated amount

Hence, in comparison to the pros, the cons are nothing.

Money Is An Important Aspect


The financial arrangements matter the most. Fixing the budget is the first step as house building is a matter of huge investments. Also, a house building loan can help a lot. People these days mostly apply for house loans and after getting those granted one can repay the loan in installments very easily. Also, fixing a budget is a must as expenses might exceed at some places.

The Foot Foundation Must Be Strong Enough

New Home

The base of the house is important upon which the rest of the structure would stand, hence, making that firm and durable is the primary duty.

  • We are supposed to do a soil test.
  • Soil check is followed by the inclination test of the ground
  • Water content in the soil is also tested
  • The proportions of clay, sand, and loam in the soil is also tested in case large apartments or complexes are being built

After completion of the basic structure one must look into the exteriors such as the paints, the windows and doors and so on and so forth. The thermoregulation of the house must be checked well; also the ventilation and circulation of hot air and cold air. The space must be sunny and airy and hence, provisions must be made in accordance with that.

  • Thermoregulation
  • Air circulation
  • Ventilation

Are the 3 crucial pillars? Also, ducts and vents are to be built for air conditioning in the house. Heater ducts are constructed as well in some places.


Custom made changes are the secondary steps so that we can have beautified houses with our own patterns and designs. starting from the wall and ceiling colors, the window and door patterns, the panes, the stairs and the terrace, everything can be customized but only after the basic structure is done with.

Electric Connections

Electric Wiring

To look into the facet of internal wiring is important. The electric wires are to be placed in proper positions and there must be an array of plug points installed for various device usages. Electric connections and networks are generally installed keeping those away from water networks and plumbing sources. This is basically for safely. The main meter wiring junction can be positioned wisely for up keeping the safety.

Plumbing Networks


To look into water networks and sewages is important as well. Also drainage planning must be done before hand, while the basic structure planning goes on. Drainage and sewage ducts and pits are planned and built first when the base of the building is made.

Getting In Touch With Professionals

To contact professionals for calculative parts such as measuring the plot, getting the blue print done, sketching the space allotment of the land and the rooms, demarcation of the plot from other lands nearby and so on and so forth; is a good option.

To keep in mind the inflation, suppliers are to be inquired about very well before contacting them to supply materials. Also, Electrician Prices, plumber prices must be checked well we contact them for our houses.

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