Origami – Introduction

On July 3, 2014 by Himanshu Shah

Origami Art Shell

Origami Art Shell

Origami is an art of paper folding derived from two Japanese words. ‘ORI’ to mean fold and ‘KAMI’ to mean paper. The both of them combined, form the full work ‘Origami’. This exceptional form of art has greatly impacted on today’s designs especially in the architecture arena. With its distinctive and flexible nature, artists around the world have been greatly inspired to incorporate origami to their design templates. While origami is commonly made by folding paper on flat surfaces, some people prefer to do it in the air. Interior design with no exceptions has applied origami designs from the living room, kitchen, bathrooms and even the bed room areas.

Origami Art

Origami Art

The design has been positively embraced in the recent years and more and more people are finding the thrill of Origami style of art. In the modern times, the art of origami has found a fast penetrative market into interior design where many people have been seen to embrace the unique nature of origami to their livelihood. With various applications towards adding fine details to the house, origami has been incorporated to house designs in various ways. These are some of the fields of origami application to house décor.


Japanese Home With An Origami Inspired Roof
Origami House

While sturdy and beneficial roofing is of paramount consideration, origami designs has recently been used to roof houses because of their unique nature and many protective roofing designs available. With its folding nature, the roof of a house can be modeled to form a triangular form which comes in handy to provide shelter against heavy rains, storms and harsh wish. This is in no exception to the ambience the roof stipulates with the uniform roofing extension which accords uniformity to the house structure from both the inside and outside.

Lofting Interior

Cozy Scheme For Fresh Cabinet Deluxe Origami Design

With the bends and hard lines of the paper folding art, origami can be incorporated to the interior design of the kitchen and living room area.


Origami Flowers

Flowers have the ability to add aura and life to a house. Incorporating origami flower designs especially brings out an artistic, welcoming ambience with a high definition of class.


Origami Furniture

While selecting the furniture to incorporate in your living room, you consider factors like longevity, space, function and many others; it is with no exception to aesthetic appeal and flexibility. Origami paper folded designs can therefore be well incorporated to invoke a divine beauty, uniqueness and comfort to your house.


Origami Lamp

The folding and bends in origami designs are regularly incorporated in furniture design ranging from chairs and tables in the living room, kitchen and dining area and in the bedroom to the bed designs.


Origami Sofa

In addition, origami designs are also used to enhance floor design templates and in wood carvings which can be well incorporated as part of your interior design plan. All in all, with the wide range of origami designs to choose from, always insist on design models made from quality materials.


Origami Furniture

Designs with great origami model for your house decor will need to possess quality to serve purpose. While you may not posses that knowledge of knowing what to look out for while purchasing origami product designs, you can always consult the services of a professional interior designer who can help bring in a fresh approach to your existing ideas.

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