Orthopedic Pillows For Treating Back Pain


Orthopedic Pillows

It seems that more and more people these days are suffering from back pain. Chances are since you are reading this, you probably have back pain right now. So what can you do? Keep reading to find out more!

What Causes Back Pain?

According to the Mayo Clinic, back pain is the leading cause of disability and the main reason people miss work.  There are many things that can cause back pain, including the following:

  1. Sports Injuries

Whether you are a professional athlete, a weekend football player, or like to play sports and work out, you probably already know that if you move the wrong way, sometimes it hurts. You can get sprains, strains, or even a fracture.

  1. Arthritis, Scoliosis or Osteoporosis

Let’s face it, we all age, and as we get older, we start to sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies. All of these issues associated with aging can be unpleasant and make you want to seek relief. 

  1. Work-Related Injuries

Maybe you are in construction and lifting heavy things. Maybe you work in an office but are stocking the new boxes of paper that were just delivered. Improper lifting can cause back strain and injury. Maybe you have a really bad chair and desk and are slouching over your computer too much. Regardless, this can be a pain in the back!

  1. Sleeping On Your Side

Sleeping on your side can cause your back to get out of alignment. It can cause pain in your knees, hips, and back. The good news is you don’t have to stop doing what. If you keep reading, you will see how EASY this is to fix!

What Can I Use To Relieve Back Pain?

If your back hurts, it will be hard to sleep at night. You will toss and turn. It will be painful getting up in the morning. You may be grumpy all day with the pain and discomfort. So what can you do?

  1. Get A Knee Pillow For Sleeping At Night.

There are many comfy orthopedic pillows for men and women available for sale online that ship all over to the US, UK/Australia/Canada areas. Sites like Ortorex even show you on the site how to use them and how they work!

  1. Ice/Heat

Alternating between heating packs and ice packs can help relieve any swelling there might be. This is an old tried and true method, as long as you are awake!

  1. Back Brace

There are back braces you can put on and wear throughout the day to help with posture and back pain. The downside is that they are really not that comfortable to sleep in.

  1. Medication

There are many different things out there that you can get while grocery shopping or even from your doctor.

  • Over The Counter Oral

The oral medication would be pills or gel caps to help reduce inflammation and pain. There are many forms of acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and aspirins out there you can try.

  • Over The Counter Topical

A topical medication is a cream, gel, or ointment you rub onto your skin. It could have numbing lidocaine in it or menthol. There are lots of different options out there.

  • Prescription

There is always the option to go to your doctor for a strong painkiller. However, this comes with strong risks. Prescription painkillers can be very addictive.

Out of the options above, introducing a knee pillow for side sleepers is the most natural option out there with no real risk.

How Does a Knee Pillow Help My Back Pain?

How did we go from talking about backs to knees? That answer is easy; they work together.

  • Relieves Pressure

When you sleep on your side, you put pressure on your pelvis and spine. This can cause sciatica or pinched nerves.

  • Improves Alignment

An orthopedic knee pillow is designed to keep your legs in the position your back needs them to be in to prevent pain. It puts space between your legs, keeping your hips in line, which lines up your spine, just like that old kid’s song. The knee bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, the hip bones are connected to the spine. So start feeling better now!

  • Improves Sleep

Let’s face it. The more pain you have, the more you are going to toss and turn. A knee pillow for side sleepers creates the ultimate sleep experience where you will be so comfortable you will notice an improvement in your quality of sleep.

Once the quality of sleep improves, the quality of your life will improve as well! You will have more energy, be in less pain, be happier, and feel better. Orthopedic knee pillows are completely affordable, without the annoying side effects drugs may bring.

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