Ottoman vs. Coffee Table: Which Is Better?


Coffee Table

There is no equivalence between an ottoman and a coffee table. Though each has specific uses, they are all relatively compact and versatile. They are both small and versatile furniture that works well in various living arrangements.

Coffee Table

For every living space, the coffee table is essential. It’s a great piece of furniture since it can be used for many different purposes, from storing TV remote and magazines to books and snacks.


  • Coffee tables are often built of hard materials, making them simple to wipe down after use—no need to worry about ruining the table’s surface while cleaning up such accidents.
  • It offers a steady base for things like your morning coffee.
  • Glass, wood, metal, and marble are the most common materials used for coffee tables since they are long-lasting. Fabric cannot fray or tear since it doesn’t exist.


Putting a stable tray on top of this piece of low furniture converts it into a functional footstool or impromptu coffee table.

It’s perfect for creating a more relaxed and opulent ambiance by mixing and matching luxurious materials.


  • It is less likely that a kid, pet, or guest’s toes may be damaged by the softer, rounded edges and corners of an ottoman.
  • Some designs have a box-like opening that reveals a stowaway spot for blankets and pillows.
  • Ottomans are great for incorporating warmth and coziness into a room. It can soften an otherwise stiff and formal atmosphere.
  • If your ottoman has a storage area, you may utilize it to conceal clutter or keep seasonal throws out of sight.

Which Is Better?

When deciding between an ottoman and a coffee table, it’s essential to consider several aspects, such as personal preference and practicality. When it comes to coffee tables and ottomans, you may mix and match as long as the pieces do not clash. They brighten up the pattern and offer forewent contrast.

A coffee table may be preferable to a standard dining room table if you often have guests and wish to keep beverages within easy reach. Similarly, if you’re looking for formal furniture for your living room, including sofa sets, a table may be your best choice. If you want the best sofa set, you can view the range at plushy and find the perfect one!

However, an ottoman might be a good choice if you’re short on seating space, want some extra storage, or have a more laid-back approach to interior design. For households with young children, an ottoman may be a better option because of its lower profile. By combining both, you get the complete functionality in an even more aesthetically pleasing package, making your space that much better to live in.

Is It Possible To Use An Ottoman As A Coffee Table?

Many individuals continue to appreciate utilizing ottomans in their original use as footstools. To make them functional as a coffee table, you’ll need to attach a hard top.

A tray serves perfectly for this function because it can be relocated to a more comfortable location when you’re ready to kick up your feet. Find a tray that doesn’t cover more than 50 percent of the ottoman’s top for the best of all worlds.

Alternatives to traditional ottomans include hybrid designs. Storage space is typically incorporated into a hybrid ottoman. When the top is raised and flipped over, a flat tray or other solid surface is revealed.

Alternatively, cushioned cubes might serve as a footrest if you’re not ready to give up your coffee table. You may save money by purchasing one of these instead of an ottoman, and it could even be compact enough to fit under your dining room table.

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