Our Guide To Demolish A House


If you are getting ready to demolish a house, you ought to follow a specific game plan to make sure this occurs as you are expecting. This can be a very complicated and dangerous procedure, one that will undoubtedly require heavy equipment that will be used to do most of the demolishing. Before you begin, you must first choose the best demolition method for the area that you are. It often depends on whether you are close to other houses, or if the home you are demolishing is quite a distance from other people. Here is our guide to destroying a house that you can use to choose the best strategy for getting this done.

Guide To Demolish A House

Guide To Demolish A House

The most common strategy for house demolitions is to do this using machines. This is often referred to as a mechanical demolition, merely requiring you to rent hydraulic excavators, as well as other types of heavy machinery, to take it down piece by piece. What you will end up with is a large pile of rubble that will subsequently be placed in dumpsters or large trailers so that it can be taken away. It’s also the fastest way to demolish a home, a demolition strategy that can cost, on average, about $10,000.

Deconstruction Of The House

This strategy is much lower, but it might be more appropriate if you happen to be very close to your neighbors. You may have purchased a home, and you want to demolish it so that you can build a new home in its place. It is because of this proximity that this demolition by hand deconstruction method is likely the best one to use. You will manually take down the house, piece by piece, and it will often require a large crew of people. By comparison, this is a much more expensive way to demolish a house because of how many people you will have to hire.

Deconstruction And Mechanical Demolition Combinations

One final strategy that you can use will include a combination of deconstruction and manual demolition strategies. You will first demolish most of the home using a wrecking ball, one that will be swung by a tall crane with a boom, and you will subsequently remove the rubble by hand. Now that you know the three possible ways of demolishing a house, you may wonder how you could get this done. This involves first hiring an inspector that can evaluate your home, and then finding a contractor that will be able to demolish your house for you.

How To Begin The Demolition Process

The demolition process should begin with finding a contractor that can do this type of work. You will also need an inspector that can address specific issues that may arise as you are going through the demolition process. Both the inspector and contractor will confer with each other and subsequently, get the necessary permits. All of the services that are connected to your home need to be disconnected which will include your electricity, water, satellite TV, and other utilities that you may use daily. They will then talk to your neighbors about what is happening, preparing them for what is about to occur. This will enhance the overall safety of this procedure. You will also want to contact a salvage company or at the very least a business that can haul the rubble away. You will coordinate them bringing large bins that will be used on that day to carry away the rubble. Once you have done all of that, you will then be able to start the demolition process.

Although it may seem like a simple process to tear down a home, especially if you have heavy machinery, there is a substantial amount of preplanning that must be done. Once you have hired a contractor, inspector, and a company that can take away the rubble from your home, you will be ready to tell your neighbors what is happening and begin your demolition project by following this guide to demolish a house.

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