Outdoor Fire Pit Safety Tips


Outdoor Fire Pit

We all want to keep the good times going in the summer with friends and family, and that’s where our favorite fire pits come in handy. You can keep your guests warm and enjoy the atmosphere of fire crackling and friends chatting. But, as with most things, there can be safety hazards with an open fire.

However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep safe with a fire pit. This is especially important for those with children running around. From checking the weather forecast to placing it in the right location, follow these tips to ensure safety when lighting up a blaze.

  1. Is It Too Windy?

Before deciding to light the fire, check the weather forecast to see how windy it is supposed to be. Windy conditions can cause sparks and embers to blow significantly, which can become dangerous, especially if you are close to trees, fences, or anything flammable.

Windy conditions also make it difficult for the flames to stay alight, and you don’t want to spend your evening continually relighting the fire.

If it’s going to be a little bit windy, check the direction of the wind to allow you to spread guests out and avoid the smoke blaring in one direction. You can then set up a windbreak to avoid the fire from dying out.

  1. Don’t Sit Too Close

Taking care close to a fire pit is very important, and one way to avoid embers flying onto your clothes or hair, etc., make sure your chair isn’t too close to the flames. If you’re wanting to roast marshmallows, tie your hair back and roll your sleeves to avoid them catching alight.

  1. Have An Extinguisher Close By

Fire can be unpredictable, so it’s important to be prepared for anything that may happen. As long as you make sure your fire pit is in a safe location with the wind direction and speed at a safe pace, you should be able to avoid any serious issues.

However, if an emergency does take place and you need to quickly put a fire out, having an extinguisher, fire blanket, or water at hand can be lifesaving. Even having a bucket of water on hand can prevent a big fire hazard from happening.

  1. Don’t Leave it Unattended

No matter how low the flames have become, you should never leave an open fire unattended. And this includes a fire pit. Even if you need to pop to the toilet or get another drink, make sure there is someone outside with the fire to keep an eye on.

Fires that have almost gone out have still caused wildfires, so it’s important to remember that when a fire is lit, it can cause damage at any stage.

Before leaving the fire, extinguish it by spreading the embers over a large surface area and covering them with water.

  1. Keep The Fire Small

The larger the flame, the more dangerous it can cause as embers can fly further, catching light on things nearby. As a precaution, try to keep the flame as small as possible, only adding extra logs when needed.

  1. Be Wary of Alcohol

Fire and alcohol don’t mix well as it is very flammable. And when you’re drinking alcohol, it can be easy for your reflexes and judgment to become impaired. You should be extra wary when drinking alcohol around a fire pit and keep a safe distance.

  1. Buy a Fire Pit with a Shield

You can buy stylish fire pits that come with safety shields for the ultimate safety. This is the perfect way to keep your family safe and is an excellent investment for those with young children.

  1. Stay Safe

Following these steps allows you to enjoy your evening without the worry of fire hazards taking place. From sitting a safe distance away to keeping an eye on the fire, only adding extra wood when needed, you can make sure the evening runs smoothly, and everyone stays warm.

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