Outdoor Kitchens: Can Epoxy Countertops Be Used Outdoors


Outdoor Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy countertops have become a rising trend. Even avid DIYers are jumping onboard and choosing epoxy over natural stone or its counterparts. It comes as no surprise since it is an economical and creative way to upgrade their kitchen and bathrooms.

The results for epoxy kitchen countertops are unique and amazing, and they want to bring it outdoors. Click here to find out more about epoxy countertops.

Can Epoxy Countertops Be Used Outdoors?

The outside world presents a harsh environment for this material. Any item left outdoors is subjected to the intense heat of the sun and other environmental factors. Can epoxy countertops make it?

Read this article before you consider having an epoxy countertop for your outdoor kitchen.

What Is an Epoxy Countertop?

Compared to granite or quartz countertops, epoxy does not come in slabs. You will buy it as a kit. That is because epoxy is a refinishing product. You apply this material as a coating to help revitalize or restore old and worn or out-of-style countertops in your bathroom or kitchen. Like other resin-based countertop materials, Corian or cultured marble, it is a solid-surface material as well.

Epoxy countertops are durable. This is why it is a popular choice for refinishing. Aside from its durability, it is also scratch-resistant. It will take years before the surface becomes dull, as epoxy can tolerate cleaning agents without losing its luster.

Epoxy finishing is compatible with most countertop materials, including wood, metal, concrete, ceramic, laminate, and Formica.

It is only sometimes used in granite and marble because most homeowners don’t want to cover these expensive materials. These materials are perceived to add value to the house, and covering them with epoxy or other materials will only lessen their value.

There are epoxy products that can recreate the look of granite or marble as well. And at a far lesser cost, which is an advantage to the homeowner.

Pros And Cons Of Using Epoxy Countertops

There are many reasons why you might want to consider epoxy for your kitchen countertop. However, it has its drawbacks too that we cannot simply ignore.


  • Durability – Epoxy countertops are durable. When the epoxy resin hardens, it creates a solid, durable surface that can last for years. It also has a lasting shine, and you don’t have to reapply the coating constantly. It can hold up well with other countertop materials too. Epoxy seldom cracks or gets damaged easily.
  • High-Gloss Finish – another advantage of the epoxy countertop is its high-gloss finish. This gloss takes some time to wear off too. Especially if regularly applied with mineral oil.
  • Unlimited Designs – Epoxy offers you unlimited design potential. You can create different colors and patterns with this material.
  • Seamless – It is the only type of countertop that offers a seamless surface with continuous pattern and color.
  • Heat-Resistant – Unlike other countertops, you can place a hot dish or pan over an epoxy countertop without ruining it. However, keep in mind that it is only heat-resistant and not heatproof.
  • Food-Safe And Non-Toxic – The types of epoxy used in countertops are food-safe and non-toxic.
  • Easy To Clean – With epoxy countertops, you can use any cleaning products. It will not damage the surface. The smooth and nonporous nature of the surface is also resistant to any bacterial or mold growth.


  • Challenging To Apply – one of the main drawbacks of choosing an epoxy countertop is it’s challenging and messy to apply. It requires an even application to prevent lumps and air bubbles for a good finish. Epoxy has a flowy consistency which makes it difficult to manage too.
  • Time-Consuming – The application of epoxy on the surface is not only labor-intensive but also time-consuming. For this reason, we recommend asking a professional to do it for you.
  • Inconsistent Quality – One significant issue that you might encounter in epoxy countertops is the inconsistency in the quality of the material. Not all products give the same results.
  • Staining – While epoxy countertops are durable, you might find them prone to permanent stains. Spills can easily stain the surface if not properly cleaned. Our advice is to clean it immediately after a spill.

Can Epoxy Countertops Be Used Outdoors?

With all the advantages we have enumerated about epoxy countertops, it is sufficient to conclude that epoxy can serve well in your outdoor kitchen. It can withstand almost everything exposed to, including heat, inclement weather, and heavy use. Also, it can make the outdoor kitchen look good for a long time with only minimal maintenance.

There are plenty of uses for epoxy other than in bar tops and countertops for the outdoor kitchen. Since epoxy coatings can make unique and durable kitchen countertops, it is also great for outdoor cabinets and patios.

Aside from simple cleaning, it only needs minimal maintenance. If the epoxy countertop is properly maintained, it can last up to 30 years.

If you are worried about yellowing countertops, choose a UV-resistant brand. It has a layer of protection against the rays of the sun.

Caring For Epoxy Countertops

Whether outdoor or indoor, you need to maintain the cleanliness of your epoxy countertops. Lucky for you, it is easy to keep clean. There are only a few things that you need to keep in mind.

You should avoid cleaning the countertop with abrasive products as it can scratch and dull the surface. Meaning, you should not use abrasive cleaners, as well as scouring pads, polishes, and waxes.

To maintain the sheen of your epoxy surface, apply a small amount of mineral oil on the surface once a week or month, depending on the use. It will keep the surface shiny.

Clean up spills immediately to avoid staining the epoxy countertop. If you cannot clean it on time, remove the stain using a baking soda paste or use a paint thinner, or acetone. Please do not use bleach as it can create a stain of its own.

Using epoxy countertops for your outdoor kitchen is a great idea. It is durable and made to withstand the harsh environment of the outside and adds to the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor setup.

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