Packing Tips When Moving To A Condo



There are lots of benefits to buying a condo, including being involved in a community and having access to high-quality amenities. If you’ve purchased or are considering buying a condo, here are some packing tips for your move.

You Can Pack Light

When moving to a condo, you can pack lighter than you would if moving to a house because condos are often furnished. Although the space you have to yourself might be smaller, you have more shared spaces, and these will also be furnished.

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Don’t Pack Duplicates.

Moving into a furnished condo means you don’t need to bring furniture which the condo already has, saving you money on removal costs. This makes moving to a condo cheaper and also saves time. Better still, if any of the furniture needs replacing in communal areas, you won’t have to replace it. This will come out of the monthly fees you already pay.

Hire Storage

Depending on whether you intend to live at your condo permanently or just use it occasionally as a holiday home, you might still want to keep some of your furniture. Although there is less space for you to keep this, you can hire storage space. This will ensure that your furniture and other cherished items will still be there when you need them.

Consider Selling Items You Don’t Need

If you decide to live in your condo all year round, storage can become expensive. You could save money by selling the items you no longer need. This makes sense if you’re unlikely to use them again. Making a little extra money can also help you as you settle into your new home.

For expensive items, you might be able to place ads locally for a small fee to sell them without having to pay a percentage of your overall sale price. If these are larger items, selling locally is better anyway. This way, buyers can easily arrange collection.

Pack A Box Your First Few Days

Even when you’re moving to a condo and potentially bringing fewer belongings with you, it can be a lot to unpack. If you decide what you might need for your first day or for a couple of days, you can pack a box to cover that time. This will be the first box you unpack, so it should contain a change of clothes for you and your family, basic food and drink items, cooking utensils and cutlery, as well as toiletries to last until you unpack everything else. Doing this takes the pressure off you to unpack everything on the first day.

Moving to a condo can be a change of lifestyle. Although some aspects of packing may be the same as with any move, others will be different. Often this involves deciding what you don’t need and downsizing your belongings.

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