Paint Colors That Can Boost Your Home’s Value


If one plans to sell out their home and wants something that can boost their home’s market value, then paint colors are among those. It is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways by which a person can increase their home’s value. According to many people, it is one of the least expensive investments with a huge return. It has been estimated that painting the interior has resulted in a 107% return on investment.

Paint Color To Increase Home's Value

Whereas painting the exterior of the home gives you around 55% of the return. The painting cost is not fixed, but the interior costs $950 and is worth every penny on average. The exterior expenditures on an average of $1,400, and these both paints increase the home’s value by around $2,000. If you were confused about whether you should get your home’s paint job done or not, this article would surely clear out your confusion. This article will guide you through paint colors that can boost your home’s value. Let’s dive into the details below:

Paint Type

Before choosing the specific paint colors for your home’s interior and exterior, it may best to familiarize yourself first with the appropriate type of paint. Generally, there are various types of paint you can consider from the get-go. These can include:

  • Oil Paint: Tiny pigment particles suspended in drying oil makeup oil paint. This type of paint is also slow-drying. It’s usually made from many ingredients, including natural oils. Oil paints can be one of the popular types of paint for painting projects since they’re durable and long-lasting.
  • Emulsion Paint: It’s a type of paint that is made from a mixture between a pigment and an emulsifier, such as oil or water. It also contains other ingredients, including antioxidants, fillers, and stabilizers. Like oil paints, emulsion paints are also used to paint ceilings and walls to come up with a clean and smooth finish.
  • Anti-Corrosive Paint: It’s a type of paint made from a corrosive-resistant pigment, such as red lead and lead chromate, and a chemical-resistant binder. Unlike the other types, anti-corrosive paints are usually used to safeguard steel and iron surfaces against extreme weather conditions.
  • Synthetic Paints: It’s a type of paint made from the process of dissolving resins instead of natural oils. It’s commonly used to paint concrete surfaces to ensure they’re resistant against moisture conditions and acids.

Indeed, there are different types of paint to keep in mind for your home. For this reason, you need to choose which type will suit your home’s interior and exterior. However, if you think you need help in deciding which one will be good, you may contact Dallas handyman or wherever you may be for some recommendations. Given their experience and skills, they can help you determine the type of paint that’s appropriate for your home’s beauty.

Interior Paint

Interior Paint

The first thing a buyer notices is the fresh coat of paint. One should make sure that they paint their interior as they leave a good impression on the buyer. Nearly no buyer would buy a home whose paint is challenging and in a poor state. The experts recommend opting for Dulux painters and warm colors that are neutral. The colors suggested are gray, tans, beiges, gold, or a mix of beige and gray. The experts also recommend avoiding white as it is too sharp.

Exterior Paint

Exterior Paint

Without a doubt, the exterior is one of the main things that a potential buyer usually notices. There are few homes made from brick, due to which they don’t require new paint. But this is not the case with each family. An average home needs fresh exterior paint, and one should not choose more than three colors, as suggested by the experts. One should not mix more than three colors; otherwise, it looks less appealing and more distracting. If one wants to opt for a simple yet elegant design, one should opt for gray, white, brown, or blue. In the end, it is your personal choice, and one should select the colors accordingly.

Prioritize Rooms

Paint is one of the most effective at changing a space. But one should carefully choose which colors he is opting for as the right color can make a small room look big, and the wrong selection can make a big room look small. For this reason, it is always a great idea to prioritize things. To give a large room a smaller or cozier space then, you should apply darker and warmer colors. At the same time, lighter colors make the room much brighter. Therefore, one should prioritize things and rooms such as bathrooms, entrance, foyer, and kitchen. The complete home should follow a similar paint code and Dulux painters are perfect for maintaining that.

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