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Are you planning to retouch your scrappy fence and deck? Or is your wife only insistent on changing the wall color? Perhaps, you would like to add some color to the garage door. These tasks do not require you to hire a professional painter but only grab a professional paint sprayer to get the job done pretty quickly and flawlessly. Paint sprayers are the best catch for DIY painting as they are designed to apply paint uniformly in lesser duration. Comparing to rollers and brushes, paint sprayers are quite impressive in completing the job with better results. This review will provide you with brief information about paint sprayers and their use.

Types of Paint Sprayers

Variety Of Options For You!

There are three types of paint sprayers that you must know about before purchasing one for your DIY painting projects. Here we will discuss the types to let you decide which one is best to get your specific job done:

Graco X7 Sprayer

  • Cup Sprayers: cup sprayers are easy to use and perfect for little home jobs such as painting shelves or furniture. You only have to fill the attached cups and plug them in to start spraying the targeted objects. It’s better to use masks while using cup sprayers, and you will also need to thin the paint for better results.
  • Airless Paint Sprayers: these can also be used for DIY projects, but only if the task involves large-scale painting such as exterior or interior house walls. They usually support latex-based paints without the need of thinning them. Apart from even application, the benefit of using an airless paint sprayer is that it works perfectly on a wide variety of surfaces. Although they are easy to use, it would be better to practice beforehand to avoid bigger mistakes.
  • HVLP Sprayers: the high volume low-pressure sprayers are perfect for smaller jobs to enjoy finer finishes. Claiming less paint goes to the air and more gets on the surface, HVLP sprayers are versatile painting machine with exclusive results. People commonly use HVLP paint sprayer for furniture. Comparing to other paint sprayers, the cleaning of HVLP sprayers is also quite easier.

Top 3 Sprayers of 2017 for DIY Projects

DIY Paint Your House Exterior with An Airless Paint Sprayer

Although every paint sprayer comes with impressive features to make painting jobs easier than ever, these three paint sprayers are the true winners of 2017:

  1. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 HiBoy: Graco is one of the most reliable companies providing advanced paint sprayers for home and industrial use. This Graco X7 sprayer is specifically designed for handymen and do-it-yourselfers to cover the surface with a flawless application. With the capacity of 5 gallons of paint, you may complete a moderate painting project with a single refill. From furniture to walls to fences and decks, it can cover a wide range of surfaces. So, enjoy your next painting task with this lightweight, durable, and easily portable sprayer.
  2. HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo pro-2800 Airless Paint Gun: this magical sprayer can cover 2000 square feet in 30 minutes with elegant finishes that make it a perfect catch for large-scale jobs. It’s a 19 pounds sprayer that comes with a 25-foot long hose allowing users to paint a wide area easily. This airless paint gun is easy to use and doesn’t even cause over-spraying issues.
  3. Wagner 0525029 Power Painter Pro: this is a budget-friendly airless paint sprayer that allows an easy and quick application. This Wagner sprayer is quite comfortable to handle and comes with a multidirectional suction tube that allows spraying in all directions evenly. With 9.5 pounds weight, this sprayer is excellent for smaller tasks and easy for teen users.

Benefits Of Paint Sprayers

Best Paint Sprayer

Before paint sprayers, the painting was never that much easy and flawless with rollers and brushes. People were used to hiring professionals for even smaller tasks for a uniform and fine paint application. But now, paint sprayers have turned the tables pretty impressively. Here are some benefits of paint sprayers that one should not expect from brushes or rollers:

  • Fast Application: paint sprayers allow a fast application of paints and cover large areas pretty quickly. Unlike brushes and rollers, paint sprayers provide a fine result with a single application; hence no double coating is required.
  • Uniform Coating: another benefit of paint sprayers is that their result is always flawless with a uniform coat. A fine mist is released from the nozzle of sprayers covering the surface evenly without causing any unwanted bumps.
  • Coverage Of The Wide Variety Of Surfaces: from wooden to plastic and steel to ceramic, paint sprayers provide coverage for a wide variety of surfaces.
  • Easy To Use: paint sprayers are also easy to use as you only have to fill them up with paint, plug them in to get power, and start spraying by simply pressing the nozzle. Moreover, some paint sprayers are also quite easy to clean as they come with an inbuilt cleaning system.
  • Portability: apart from small hand-guns, bigger paint sprayer machines are also easily portable due to their wheel feature. Some come with long hoses giving you the option of spraying larger rooms without dragging machines with you.

Guidelines to Buy a Right Paint Sprayer

Tips & Tricks

Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

If you’re new to paint sprayers and never have used one before, you need some help purchasing the right sprayer. Here are some guidelines for do-it-yourselfers to buy the right paint sprayer:

  • Keep the size of your project in mind while buying a paint sprayer. If the task involves a larger area to be sprayed, such as walls or backyard fences, you will need an airless sprayer with a long hose to let you complete the job with more ease.
  • Every paint sprayer offers different storage capacities. If your project is big, opt for large capacity sprayers to avoid frequent refill annoyance, whereas small interior tasks can be easily done with simple hand-guns.
  • Also, check the sprayer’s tip as some support thinner paints, whereas some work well with thicker latex-based paints. Usually, bigger tasks require thicker paint application and smaller; an interior painting can be done with thinner paints.

Paint Sprayer Maintenance

Wagner Home Decor Sprayer

Just like every other machine, paint sprayers also require timely maintenance to avoid bigger problems. You will need to clean the device right after finishing the project because leaving it unclean might result in clogging and firm dryness. Many big paint sprayers come with an inbuilt cleaning system making this clean-up process quite easier and time-saving. If you do not keep the sprayers clean, they might result in an uneven application and defective functioning. If you don’t use the sprayer more often, it’s better to pack in the backpack after cleaning and drying it. You should also follow the manual instructions about unit maintenance as every sprayer has different specifications.


Paint sprayers have made painting easier and quicker, even for non-professional do-it-yourselfers. Now you can spread colors wherever you want while enjoying various advantages of sprayer machines. All you have to do is to choose the right sprayer to get your desired task done appropriately. To enjoy the benefits of a paint sprayer, it’s necessary to keep the device clean and well-maintained.

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