Painted Cabinets – How to Do It Properly!


Painted Cabinets

Over time your kitchen can begin to look old and worn. Normal wear and tear can cause your kitchen cabinets to look well-worn and faded. New kitchen trends come and go, and your kitchen may look outdated and tired. Changing your kitchen, however, is no easy feat and is not something that can be done frequently. Kitchen renovations are one of the most costly home improvement projects.

If your kitchen is not looking at its best, but you can’t afford to replace it, there is another option that will completely transform your kitchen for a fraction of the price of a new one! A popular method is kitchen cabinet painting. If your cabinets are in good condition and it’s only their aesthetic that needs changing, then painted cabinets are the perfect solution.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting – Is it A Good Idea?

Painted cabinets are an affordable way to transform your existing cabinets and give your kitchen a complete makeover. Not only will it create a new aesthetic, but the paint will cover any cosmetic damage and protect against future damage. Purchasing new hardware will only add to the new stunning aesthetic. Your cabinets will look like new ones, and your kitchen will be unrecognizable!

Benefits Of Kitchen Cabinet Painting:

  • The cabinets look like new ones.
  • Covers cosmetic damage on surfaces.
  • Improves the aesthetic of the kitchen.
  • Provides protection to the surface against scratches.
  • Is very cost-effective
  • It can add value to your home if done professionally.

What Is The Best Paint For Cabinets?

Latex and oil paints are typically used as paint for cabinets. In addition, a primer for cabinets is also used. Oil paints have been the main paints used as they give a harder layer that is more durable compared to latex paints. But, they are not environmentally or user-friendly. Latex paints, in comparison, can be cleaned with water and are more user-friendly.

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting – Can I Do It?

DIY Kitchen Cabinet painting is possible, but many professionals advise against it. Painting cabinets needs expertise and skill; the correct techniques need to be used with the correct equipment, as well as being able to prep the cabinets before painting. In addition, DIY painting Could leave your kitchen looking much worse!

Why Should You Use Professionals For Kitchen Cabinet Painting?

Hiring a professional means that you are guaranteed an expert job. The professionals are experienced and skilled. They know how to prep the cabinets properly and which paints to use. Also, the cabinet doors can be taken away and painted so that there is no disruption to your home.

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