Painting Project: Do It Yourself Or Hire Professional Painters


When you get a brand new home, or you decide it’s time to repaint your old house or any other building, you have a big decision in front of you. No, I’m not talking about the choice of colors, although that too is rather a big decision. Instead, I’m talking about a different option, and it’s the first one you will have to make when getting ready for a commercial painting project.

It’s the choice between hiring professional interior & exterior house painters or embarking on this journey on your own. Some people are all for DIY projects, while others don’t really like the idea of getting all stained with colors in an endeavor to paint their home. But, then, some wouldn’t even know what to do if they decided to do it alone.

While this decision depends on you and your personal preferences and abilities, there are pros and cons to both options. You should be aware of those to make the choice that’s perfect for you. So let’s check the pros and cons out now, and hopefully, you will be able to decide what you are going to do instead of merely staring at the walls and waiting for the right answer to appear in front of you.

The Pros Of DIY

The Pros Of DIY

Unsurprisingly, the very first reason people choose to do this on their own has to do with the project’s overall cost. Hiring professional painters does come at a cost. Money has always been a good reason for people to get their hands dirty. If you think that came out wrong, I need to remind you that we are talking about coloring your walls here, so getting your hands dirty means covering them in the paint.

Let’s face it. We cannot all be filthy rich so as not to worry about money at all. When you get an opportunity to save some money, I do not doubt that you will jump on it immediately. However, if this is your only motivation for painting your property alone, you will need to remember that it does take some skills to do it successfully. Before you begin the project, make sure to learn a few useful tips, such as the ones here, on how to do it correctly.

Another significant benefit of DIY painting lies in the fact that you have full control over what happens on your walls. It’s not uncommon for people to run into painters who persuade them to do something completely different from what they wanted, which leaves them completely unsatisfied afterward. Don’t even get me started on those professionals who mask their interests in the advice and try to convince you into doing something that will cost more but ultimately doesn’t look good.

When you are doing this all by yourself, you are the one in charge of everything. You get to pick the colors and the techniques and do everything at your own pace and by your wishes. This can even be a fun family task, provided that the rest of your family is up to it. So I’d say it’s not a bad way to spend the weekend, just as long as the result turns out to be nice.

The Cons Of DIY

The Cons Of DIY

You choose the colors you want, buy the paint and all the tools you need, and come home excited to get started. At that very moment, you look at your walls and think about how they never seemed that large before. A realization strikes you. This cannot be done in a couple of hours. You will need much more time if you want everything to be perfect.

Here are some more pros and cons of the DIY project to help you decide:

The period you will have to spend doing this is a big disadvantage, and it’s perfectly normal if you don’t want to waste time painting your property when you could be doing something more pressing and more meaningful for you. When you decide to spend that time painting, though, you will feel proud of yourself and your work once it is finished.

You’ll feel proud up until the point of visiting a friend who has had their walls professionally painted. That’s when you notice that the work you have done is far, far from good. While it did fulfill the purpose of actually adding paint to the walls, it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing. The harsh truth is that you’ll never be as good as the experts.

The Pros Of Hiring Experts

The Pros Of Hiring Experts

No matter how many tips and trick you read online, you will never have the knowledge that an expert has. For example, did you know that the walls of freshly built properties are much moister than the older ones? This is only one of the things that professional painters know and you don’t. All those things affect the way the color is applied.

Not only will professionals do a better job, but they will also do a quicker job. What’s more, when you find the right company, you won’t even have a lot to clean up afterward, which is a big plus. Unlike an amateur, such as you, these experts won’t make a mess out of things. That’s a pretty good reason to hire professional painters.

Contrary to popular belief, hiring experts doesn’t have to cost more than doing this alone. However, if you don’t know what you are doing correctly, you may spend a lot of money buying unnecessary stuff. That can’t happen with professional painters, which means that they might save you some money in addition to saving your time and your nerves.

The Cons Of Hiring Experts

The Cons Of Hiring Experts

When you find the right company, there will be no con whatsoever that could top all the pros. If you are on a tight budget, though, the only con that I could think of is that you might need to adjust the budget a little bit. But, at the end of it all, isn’t spending a few more bucks worth it when the job is quickly and correctly done?

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