Parquet Flooring : Reclaimed Solutions To Create Authenticity


Wood flooring is one of the favorite choices of homeowners who are renovating their rooms. It’s a perfect option for the dining room to create a cozy atmosphere and other rooms depending on their decoration projects. Many house owners choose reclaimed parquet not online for its authentic design but also for environmental-friendly issues.

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring Brings Authenticity Into The Rooms

Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Renovating flooring in one or several rooms from your home requires effective planning. You should first get clear in mind about the decoration style, whether it’s classical, vintage, modern, or Scandinavian style. Then you should also check if the flooring materials can integrate properly in each room, considering the colors of the walls, the carpentry, the furniture, and several other objects.

To succeed in this step, you should have the final picture of your room. If you are still not sure about it, you can download a 3D application to simulate the effect of several decoration ideas. This way, you can better understand how each room will look like with the materials and color palette you have in mind. Also, take your time choosing the floor finish, which is essential for the style you want to create.

Selection Criteria For Choosing Reclaimed Parquet Flooring

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

House owners often prefer reclaimed wood flooring because it is a more durable solution, which offers more stability. Old wood comes from forests where trees have grown slowly, and this is why parquet is high-quality. Nowadays, forests are being grown faster; trees are not developed enough, and flooring may be weaker. Therefore, any parquet can show signs of weakness, depending on how it was used and cleaned by the previous owners. To check this, it is recommended to check if it has spots, mold patches, or even sawdust.

Another element you should pay attention to is dryness. If the previous owners used excessive nourishing treatment, this may accelerate degradation in time and allow insects to develop. To avoid this, please ensure the wood is dry enough before buying it.

Selecting Reliable Reclaimed Wood Providers And Installers

Reliable Reclaimed Wood

Before buying any reclaimed wood for your renovation projects, you should carefully select the provider and the installer. For this, it is recommended to discuss your project with several floor installer companies, compare their offers, ensure they are reliable, and select the one who has the best qualifications. If you choose to work with wood suppliers who are not specialized in recycling projects, then you take the risk to buy weak or contaminated products that won’t last too many years. In France, there are many collectors of old materials and, in particular old parquet flooring. Therefore, it will be important to compare the floors and the quality of the products before making a decision.

Concerning the supplier, he has to have a certification and required experience in installing reclaimed wood. He is a key person because grading and finish are important for the durability of your flooring. He will also give you some advice about cleaning it that you should take into account.

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