Past Interior Designs Trend That Are Making A Comeback In 2020


Modern Vintage Designs

There’s no better way to increase the beauty and functionality of your space than a perfectly fitting interior design. The perfect interior design requires creativity because you have to create a design that’ll leave an impression of your personality each time people view it.

There are a lot of designs that used to be a trend in the past that are now currently coming back to the limelight. One can say that the year 2020 is a unique year in the fashion world as interior designers are looking into their archives and giving life to past designs.

Here are a few past interior designs that are currently making a comeback in 2020.

  1. Floor And Wall Patterns

Traditional Riad Interior

When it comes to wall and floor patterns in interior decoration, the key elements to look out for are the texture and the material that’ll be used to make the patterns.

Most people prefer a dull and plain design than brightly colored materials. This particular design is preferred because of its ability to make a space look calm and sober.

However, dull and plain designs have come under criticism lately because of their boring nature. As a result, most interior designers, like Ron Nathan Interiors, are forced to push their creativity out in 2020.

They’ve found a way to mix the concept of using bright, colorful patterns with modern plain and cool designs. This particular mixture will leave you in jaw-dropping amazement whenever you come across them. These reincarnated ancient beauties can transform your space.

  1. Eco-Friendly Designs

Eco Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Recent developments in the world have led to an increased sensitivity of people to things and actions that tend to affect their general health.

This increased sensitivity of people to health and environmental issues has found its way into interior designs. It’s prompting most interior designers to embrace eco-friendly designs that’ll be great for both the environment and human health.

Eco-friendly design is an old way of decoration that focuses on the use of natural elements and substances in decorating your space.

Presently, the use of eco-friendly design is a growing trend because it mitigates the harmful effects of global warming and other hazardous complications that arise from human activities.

Below are some eco-friendly designs that are currently trending in the year 2020:

  • The Use Of Houseplants: Houseplants are significant beautification items that have remained relevant for many years. In ancient times, it was used to beautify palaces and homes of noble families.

Even though interior designers did change from the use of house plants to other ornaments, like artworks and metal works, at some point, houseplants have refused to be relegated to the background. In 2020, interior designers have unleashed their creativity with the use of houseplants in decorating spaces.

The use of houseplants has become a trend. And it’ll likely keep trending for a while because of the health benefits associated with having house plants in homes.

House plants are famous for preventing air pollution in the home because of its ability to filter the air around your home and make it safe. Also, with the newly sophisticated durable vases, houseplants have become a source of adding conspicuous beauty to spaces.

  • The Use Of Non-Volatile Organic Paint: Most paints used in modern homes have volatile organic compounds, which are highly unpredictable and dangerous to the environment and health.

These compounds evaporate when the weather is hot and then inhaled by people around. The continuous inhaling of volatile organic compounds is dangerous to the health and can cause breathing difficulties ranging – from throat irritation and other related health issues.

This is why a lot of interior designers now prefer to use water-based paints. These water-based paints have been in use since ancient times and are noted for their low odor with little or no volatile organic compounds.

It’s expected that more interior designers will begin to advocate the use of this water-based paint because of its health benefits.

  1. The Use Of Modern Vintage Designs

Classic Living Room

When you hear vintage, what readily comes to your mind is old. Despite old, vintage designs remains entirely relevant and are currently making a comeback in 2020.

Vintage designs are famous for their exquisite grandeur. In modern times, interior designers mix old materials with their contemporary relatives to showcase their beauty.

The year 2020 has seen a comeback of this concept. It’s the mixing of modern beauty with old beauty to give you a majestic elegance. It’s also a way to beautify a room that’ll be appreciated by both young and old generations.


It has been amazing how, in the year 2020, a lot of designers are using these three methods to create beauty and aesthetics in the interior designs of modern homes.

Eco-friendly designs, floor and wall patterns, and the use of modern vintage designs seem to be making a significant comeback in the interior design trends of 2020, and they’ll most likely keep trending for a while.

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