Patio Or Decking: Creating Your Very Own Outdoor Oasis


There’s nothing quite like that fresh and open-minded feeling which a brand new year brings. Find time to create new plans, carry out those ideas you’ve been saving on Pinterest, and get creative with your home! Now’s the time to invest in your property and create an outdoor space that you truly adore and appreciate spending time in. It may seem like an unnecessary investment at the time, but patio or decking is well worth creating a budget for.

Quite often overlooked as a key home improvement feature, patio, and decking (when given the creative freedom and even just a small budget) can transform your garden into an outdoor oasis. Often fetching a good Return on Investment, decking, and patio within your outdoor area can provide extra living space for you and your family. From soaking up the morning sun while having breakfast with the family and reading your favorite book on the deck for some ‘you time,’ to entertaining the kids with some games or turning your patio into a wild dinner party for two, let your creativity shine. The question is, will it be a patio investment or a decking investment?

Patio Investment

Patio Investment

Creating a traditional aesthetic in comparison to the deck, patios are built directly on the ground with concrete bases made out of stone, tile, and other materials. Generally seen as more of a traditional design for outdoor spaces, patios are great for a sleek and stylish finish where you can get more creative with your patio furniture, accessories, and plants.

Patio furniture can help to emphasize a specific theme or desired look. For example, metal furniture sets are ideal for traditional design, wooden sets for a vintage look and wicker sets are great for a rustic feel. You can play around with the patio tones as well until you get the perfect mix to match the colors of your house.

If you have a soft spot for nature, patios are also great for combining into the garden for the ultimate green lounge, where you can encompass your outdoor space with your surrounding trees and plants. There’s also the option of adding cladding to your patio area, which means adding fascia boards to your patio, similar to walls, and is a natural way of ensuring privacy without completely closing off the area.

Decking Investment

Decking Investment

When it comes to decking investment, it’s essential to think long term, as when adequately maintained decking can last for many years. Made out of wood or vinyl and not placed directly on the ground, decking is excellent for creating additional space in your garden for your very own outdoor oasis.

Considered more of a contemporary design compared to patios, decking is a fantastic investment if you want to get creative while having that modern yet sophisticated feel. You can still accessorize with your lighting and furniture. However, the real creativity comes within the decking design itself.

Decking maintenance can also be very minimal as long as you make a small initial investment in quality decking materials. Long gone are the days when you have to spend hours on end replacing deteriorated planks in your wooden deck. This is particularly relevant when it comes to composite decking, as the tiles give you all the benefits of a wood deck but are designed with antifungal solutions in the core structure and only require a bit of water to wash the surface.

In our opinion, creating your very own outdoor oasis is well worth the investment! Whether it’s a patio or deck investment for your outdoor area, making the most of being outside is worth creating the budget for. How will you be making the most of your outdoor space?

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