Pedestal Table Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Table


One of the essential furniture types, a pedestal table, is not just like a simple table that we use to hold some items but also a decorative and stylish piece that is near to every house owner’s heart. Not just in homes, but a pedestal table is also used in offices as a stylish architectural furniture item. These tables are being used in the bedroom as a side table, and you can also install these tables in your drawing room to increase the elegance. The hardwood and the polished look of these tables are beautiful, and it decorates your home in a traditional way.

How Would You Choose The Pedestal Table?

Pedestal Table

Buying any furniture requires a lot of research and time in the market. When it is about a perfect pedestal table that could match other furniture, and decorate items in a house, buyers are needed to be more attentive and with detailed information about the table. As pedestal tables are very much in fashion these days, they are available in several varieties in the market. It is not wrong to say that pedestal tables are ubiquitous, and the furniture market has a bewildering range of these tables to choose from. To get the best, one has to be vigilant, and with full knowledge about them. Here’s a buying guide that may help a customer in the furniture market:

How Would You Purchase The Pedestal Table?

  • Decide The Size

The market has two types of pedestal tables: Side table and full size. The first are those, which could be from 19 to 30 inches across. These tables are suitable for a small place to hold a few items, like magazines or as a nightstand and others. The second kinds of pedestal tables, full size, are those who are more than 50 inches across. Such pedestal tables could be used at the entryway to hold functional art, in a dining room or as a desk.

  • Decide The Base: Wooden Or Metal

In the market, buyers may come across pedestal tables with two types of bases: Wooden base and metal base. Tables with metal base are more cost-effective than wooden base pedestal tables. Also, metal base tables are easier-to-maintain than their counterparts. But when it is about elegance, wooden base tables are the best.

  • Decide The Height

The height of a pedestal table depends on people going to use it. In addition to that, the place where a pedestal table is going to be used also matters. The furniture has these tables in almost every height, which means it is easy for customers to find one matching the height they require.

Decide On Classic Or Contemporary

Pedestal Table

Those potential customers who are going to use the table as a dining table pedestal should also decide whether they want one with a classic feel or with contemporary. While selecting the color of a pedestal table, they must consider other items where the table is going to be used. They can decide whether a color that they have chosen is matching the surroundings or not. Also, they should determine if they want a round pedestal table or a rectangular table for their room.

Pedestal tables in the market are available in both economical as well as luxury range. Their prices may differ depending on their type, size, height, and material used to make them. Also, their base type may impact the cost. Before going on price, buyers have to decide whether they want an indoor pedestal or outdoor table. Then they can choose the materials of their table and compare the price accordingly.

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