Penna: A Typewriter Styled Retro Bluetooth Keyboard


Imagine a retro gadget with the most up-to-date technology ever! While there are still some hipsters who use the traditional typewriters, but most of us find using them an extremely cumbersome experience. We had been craving to get a classy and stylish keyboard for a long time, but when we didn’t get one, we at Elreton Inc. decided to design Penna. It took us three years to design this fantastic retro keyboard, which gives you the feeling of a mechanical keyboard without compromising on the design and efficiency. So, get ready to dive into the retro feel by checking out its amazing features.


  1. Diamond 4-AXIS Keycaps:

Diamond 4-AXIS Keycaps

With three years of R&D behind it, Diamond 4-AXIS Keycaps are designed with absolute perfection. Their design is such that you can type from any typing angle. The edges of the keys have been specifically designed to give you a smooth feeling while typing.

  1. Retro Chrome Keycaps:

Penna Wireless Typewriter

These keycaps are inspired by the typewriters. If you have ever used a typewriter, then the blue type mechanical switch with these keycaps will make you nostalgic. With a touch of past, Retro Keycaps will let you type effortlessly.

  1. Cherry Key Switch:

Cherry Key Switch

Since it is developed by a German Company, Cherry, the making and design of these key switches is phenomenal. When you use these switches, you can experience the expertise and technology put in for their development.

Let us now look at some of the keys and modes available in Penna.

For iOS/MAC OS, there are individual buttons for changing positions and switching button. You can find them at the top left side of the keyboard.

  1. Macro Bar:

Macro Bar

Using this bar, you can save the frequently used keys and sentences and then recall them instantly at a later stage through the same bar. You can register commonly used keys such as Enter/Backspace, etc.

  1. Record Mode:

Record Mode

Once you pull up the Macro bar, the bar will stay intact at the same position, and record mode will begin. Now, anything typed will be recorded, and it can be recalled at a later stage.

  1. Wait Mode:

Wait Mode

The moment you press the Macro bar down, everything typed during the record mode will be saved. The bar will then return to its normal position, and the wait mode will begin.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth 4.2:

Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Keyboard

Penna is embedded with the most recent version of Bluetooth 4.2, which enables it to pair automatically and save battery. This creates an environment where users can effortlessly use this Retro wireless keyboard at their workplace, home, or any place of their choice.

  1. Multi-Pairing:

Multi-Pairing Baby Pink Wireless Keyboard

The best aspect of this fantastic retro keyboard is that it can be synced with a wide range of devices such as desktop, mobile phones, tablets, etc. You can use FN +F1~F5 keys for selecting the device of your choice.

  1. O/S Support:

Penna Typewriter Styled Retro Bluetooth Keyboard

Since Penna supports Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS, so it can be effortlessly used on most devices.

  1. Color Choices:

Penna is available in matte black, pure white, baby pink, olive green, and wood. You can choose from these assortments of colors.

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