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Bathroom Styling

Everyone loves to have a clean, cozy, and well-decked home, but what about the bathrooms? Isn’t it an integral part of your house? But still, many tend to get their bathrooms unnoticed. Washrooms are usually one of those areas that don’t receive the same care and treatment as other functional rooms of the house.

On the contrary, there are many who understand the worth of treating their bathrooms right and wish to add a pinch of the spotlight to their bathrooms, enhancing their décor and style.

So are you someone who wishes to take your washroom upgrade to the next level? Here we pen down a few bathroom styling ideas to get started with a full-on bathroom remodeling:

Creative Storage

Your bathrooms also need a lot of storage, ranging from the towels to the daily supplies, toilet papers, and other essential staples; there is a lot that your bathroom has in store for you.

And, this is a sure shot call for storage ideas that can not only hold your essentials but also looks quintessential at the same time. Thus get creative with your storage and try to use almost every wasted space to hold your supplies beautifully, especially when you have small bathrooms and limited space.

Wall shelving, hooks, contemporary design décor storages all can work the perfect magic of defining tress storage in your bathrooms.

Corner Sinks

Pedestal sinks do look grand and well-suited for bathrooms with ample space, but when you have a small bathroom, a corner sink can be a space savior option. Customers in South Australia can consider seeing professional help to get a sink design of their choice to suit their bathroom space.


Mirrors are just other accessories that can add more light to your bathrooms and make your space appear bigger than before. Simple mirrors are a yesteryear story; try adding a pinch of glam to your mirrors and see how this smart-looking glass can put your bathrooms in the best spotlight.

Eye Candy Hard Wares

What if any of your guests enter your washroom? You would never like to lead them into a dirty and old monk-style bathroom. So what about changing your old-style hardware into a new one.

After all, your bathroom hardware is the first thing to be noticed when someone enters the bath space. Try getting some affordable yet stylish hardware’s so that you can change the entire looks of your washrooms.

Display Your Possessions

Where do all your body washes, shampoos, and bath salts go? Obviously on the shelves, right? So why not put them in a clear and transparent container to display your luxe possessions.

See-through decorative bottles holding your bath salts not only reveal what you have in store for a perfect and soothing soak but also serve as ideal bathroom décor.

Shower Curtains

Drapes are a wonderful addition not just for your drawing rooms but also for your bathrooms. Yes, you have heard it right! Adding shower curtains not only adds some grandeur and plushness to your bathrooms but also saves you from incurring expenses on installing a glass separator or glass door.

That shower tub corner hidden by a subtle colored shower curtain looks exceptionally classy and gives a treat to your eyes when you enter the shower area.

Indoor Trees

At the very first instant, a tree in your bathroom may not sound like something sane. But try bringing a palm tree or any other indoor tree near your shower tubs and experience the magic.

Trees have all the transformation powers and add more life to your bathrooms with the tinge of greenery that spreads across your washrooms. Adding lush plants beside the windows can further serve as a perfect window treatment and decor.

Cozy Rugs

Adding rugs at the entrance of your bathrooms not only saves yo0u from taking those watery spots inside your bedrooms and other living areas but also gives your bathrooms a cozy ambiance. Rugs bring in warmth and coziness and are a highly affordable option to add some interior décor to your bath area.

Further, you can consider playing with colors, textures, and patterns of your choice to add a personalized touch. Neon, fringed colors, pops; you can try out any rug in your bathroom vicinities to get a perfect match for your bathrooms.

The Metal Effect

A pinch of metallic touch can make your washrooms look more fancy and posh. May it is a metallic soap dish or a metallic dustbin or as simple as a metallic holder, these metallic beauties can make the bathrooms look more polished, playing the aggrandizing trick.

Pendant Lights

Talking about washrooms and forgetting lighting? This is quite impossible after lighting adds more liveliness and breathes in a fresh breeze of illumination. You can consider numerous lighting fixtures to add to your powder room for styling it up in a perfect hue.

May it be the chandeliers, bathroom sconces, ceiling lights, pendant lights, vanity fixtures, and a multitude of options that you can try out. Installing pendant lights can be a great hack to make your washrooms look embellished with decorative pieces that add light and serve as a décor piece.

Floral Wallpapers

If you feel that painting the walls in colorful hues is an old age story and believe in infusing patterns into your bathrooms, floral wallpapers can work out the trick for you. Ranging from subtle to bold floral designs, there are numerous options that you can consider embossing on the walls for decking up your washrooms to breathe out fresh blooms.


Bathrooms are a place for a cozy retreat but only when you have clean and well-decked ones. So now, since you know a few good ideas to revamp your bathrooms, what are you waiting for? Ditch that old and traditional bathroom style and call for the professionals to get a bathroom upgrade done for good.

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