Perfect Patio: Creating A Unique Space From Top To Bottom


Extending the comfort of your living space outdoors enhances your enjoyment of your home. There is nothing better than approaching that outdoor living space with your unique creative design plan. To help encourage those creative juices, here are some critical elements for personalizing the perfect patio you might consider:

Think Of Your Outdoor Spaces As Rooms

Think Of Your Outdoor Spaces As Rooms

Your outdoor space can become whatever you make it. Whether it is the tiny footprint of an elevated patio or an expansive land plot just waiting for you to plan a layout, start by envisioning the space as a room—just without the walls. You can certainly create areas divided by strategic architectural aspects such as pergolas, latticework, walkways, multilevel hardscapes, archways, and even traditional landscaping. The bigger sizes give you more freedom to include things like furnishings and décor.

Personalizing The Patio Floor

Personalized The Patio Floor

Your patio design can increase the value of your home while saving you at the expense of landscape maintenance. Even if you start with hardscapes that define the spaces, you still need to decide on the flooring material for the space itself. Some of your options include:

  • Natural stone (such as flagstone, travertine, slate, quartzite, bluestone, and limestone)
  • Pavers
  • Clay Bricks
  • Tile
  • Concrete
  • Gravel

You can let your budget dictate the materials. One of the latest trends in flooring is stamped concrete services. The ultimate in versatility, stamped concrete can be poured in any shape and size to satisfy your expectations while offering a vast array of decorative options you would not otherwise achieve with other materials. The fun begins with choosing from all the different stone or brick patterns and textures. Then, there are powdered pigments and agents for producing antiquing effects. You can customize your patio flooring to complement your home or to match the appearance of natural stone. Adding borders or intricate patterns, stamped concrete is budget-friendly, durable, and only limited by your imagination.

Outdoor Décor And Furnishings

Outdoor Décor

Whatever the size of your patio space or, however, limited your budget, you can use what you already own to decorate or furnish these spaces. Determine where your grill will be and set the space with tables and chairs for dining. If you have more than one space, think about creating separate dining areas, sitting and relaxing, and entertainment. You can use a canopy or a pergola apart from the house for a more secluded area for visiting. Some garden spaces include lounges or even day beds for the ultimate relaxation experience. A fire feature gives you another zone to set up chairs for intimacy or to include any number of guests.

Bistro chairs or matching chairs work well for a set, but don’t be afraid to include an eclectic array of furnishing. Wicker furniture provides more comfort with padded cushions, benches, or sofas are not uncommon for producing a comfortable experience for family, friends, and guests. A popular choice for a coffee table is a steamer trunk or a shipping case—repurposed wooden tables or anything rustic suits the garden for eating, playing cards, or even working. Consider adding shading elements such as stand-alone umbrellas or one that fits inside the table using an actual weight for stability. Having a portable heater available is not a bad idea if there is no fire feature for the colder seasons.

Lighting Is Another Architectural Element

Exterior Lighting

Lighting is inviting. Carefully illuminating your outdoor spaces gives your garden a warm ambiance. It can be a part of your landscaping to showcase what you want your guests to see. You can use it in water features such as a pond or waterfall. Lighting can be built into walls or recessed in soffits, affixed to hardscape features, or used as a footpath guide. Strand lighting delivers a delicate touch while making the most of the existing architecture. Sconces introduce lighting levels where you need them if you have the surfaces for attaching them. You can light from the floor, tabletops, and hang pendants or install a wide array of fixtures from above.

Eco-friendly and motion-sensor lighting saves you on your utility bills. Your outdoor lighting will add value to your home, improve curb appeal, and provide safety as a security measure, as well as preventing potential injuries after dark. The light gives your property a unique style, creates a mood, and, most importantly, helps make memories.

These suggestions are a mere thumbnail of all that you can do to create the perfect patio area. With family and friends, you are sure to spend countless hours making the most of our pleasant atmosphere while establishing life-long friendships and moments to remember.

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