Photos In The Interior: Main Rules Of Wall Decoration


Photography appeared in the XIX century and then found a place in the house of each person. Now it is difficult for us to imagine a modern interior without at least one photo card standing on a shelf or hanging on a wall.

Wall photo design looks effective only if it is individual. It is worth remembering a few rules for posting photos that will save you from stylistic errors and otherwise rely on your taste and imagination.

  1. Idea Is the Main Thing

Idea Is The Main Thing

To make the photos look good together, you need to select images that are united by one general idea. It can be a theme, a form, color shades. The main thing is to remember that the chosen principle and style should correspond to the purpose of the room, the color scheme, and the mood.

  1. Dynamics And Creativity Are The Key To Success

Dynamics And Creativity Are The Key To Success

Choose and place several photos of different formats on one wall, following simple rules. A collage of several photographs of a different format should form the geometric figure — for example, a square or a rectangle.

  1. Keep Up To The Principle Of Monochrome

Keep Up To The Principle Of Monochrome

Black and white pictures never go out of fashion. They focus on the image, forcing the viewer to study the picture carefully. But before you start everything and start decorating the interior with only monochrome photos, you need to remember that black color is different: there are more than 72 shades in its palette. It is essential that when using black, you should consider the color temperature. You cannot mix cold and warm colors.

  1. Place The Pictures Correctly, Considering Not Only The Color Combination But Also The Image

Place The Pictures Correctly

If the object in the picture looks to the right, then such a photograph will have a positive effect. Build your future with photos. Simulate a positive mood in the house.

  1. Choose Photos According To The Purpose Of The Room

Choose Photos According To The Purpose Of The Room

If you plan to decorate a bedroom, then you should choose calmer, neutral shots. For the kitchen, on the contrary, it is worth paying attention to bright and sunny colors. For example, the orange color helps appetite. Expressive, colorful pictures are also appropriate in the living room and hallway. According to the laws of color therapy – a science that studies the effect of a specific color on the human body – yellow and lemon colors help to strengthen memory and stimulate mental activity. Red color helps to restore strength and energy. Well, the universal color is green – it is responsible for the stability and harmony in the house.

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