Pikler Arches And Triangles: What Is The Main Difference, And What Is Better To Use?


Pikler Furniture

If you want your kids to grow up being smart and proactive, consider buying a set of climbing furniture for them. Such sets consist of the following elements: a Pikler arch, a Pikler triangle, a cube, a ramp, and a climber. You can combine them in many ways to create diverse structures; pikler furniture will serve as a nice decoration to your kids’ room and will always keep your little ones entertained.

Some families prefer to start with buying just one item and not the whole set. It enables them to plan their budget more rationally. Plus, they can make sure that their children genuinely love these objects. Typically, children adore Pikler inventions — so their parents can buy them more items at any moment.

What Is The Difference Between A Climbing Triangle And An Arch?

Apart from their shape, these items differ by two parameters.

  • Some models of triangles are foldable. You can easily transport them in the trunk of your car or in your luggage. Arches do not fold and occupy more space.
  • If you turn an arch upside down, it turns into a swing. So in fact, you buy two toys in one.

As you see, these items have much more similarities than differences. Both are entirely safe. Kids can never get enough of them. Both are equally efficient for the children’s development. Also, they are universal — as soon as small boys and girls see such an item, they immediately ask their parents to buy it.

The Answers To Most Popular Questions About Pikler Furniture

What Is A Pikler Triangle?

It is a small wooden ladder in the shape of a triangle. One can place it inside their house or outside in the garden. Children enjoy climbing it and having fun with it.

What Is A Pikler Arch?

It is a wooden ladder in the shape of a semicircle, similar to the triangle.

What Is A Pikler Arch For?

It enables children to hone their gross motor skills. These skills involve movements that we make with our head, limbs, and torso.

What Age Is Pikler Furniture For?

Its target audience is preschool children of any age. As long as your son or daughter is still a baby, you can put them under the arch or triangle. If you hang toys on the bars of the ladder, the baby can watch and touch them, thus learning to differentiate colors and shapes. Later on, the child learns to sit and stand up straight, holding on to this furniture. Finally, they learn to climb it.

The History And Benefits Of Climbing Furniture

Such furniture was invented by Emmi Pikler, a world-famous pediatrician from Hungary. She worked in an orphanage where she made many valuable observations. She concluded that adults do not need to motivate the little ones to explore the world. Children are curious and proactive by nature. All their parents need to do is:

  • Create an environment where kids can develop their innate abilities
  • Avoid limiting the freedom of movement of the small ones

An ideal kids’ room should contain climbing furniture and educational toys. Boys and girls will be eager to touch these objects and invent open-end games with them.

The term “open-end” means that the game can last forever. It has no rules. By playing it, participants pursue only one goal: to have fun.

Such furniture enables children to strengthen their muscles and develop spatial awareness. They get a sense of balance and learn how to coordinate their movements.

Pikler inventions contribute not only to the physical but also to the intellectual and emotional progress of the small ones. Children become more curious and confident in themselves. They are not afraid to make mistakes because they know there will always be a second attempt. They have a vivid imagination, and they are good at team building because sets of Pikler furniture are ideal for collective play.

Why Should You Buy Pikler Arches And Triangles At Bumblebee Smart?

This online shop is famous all over the world. It ships its products to nearly any country, and people’s reviews about it have been overwhelmingly positive. BumbleBee Smart is a firm favorite of both kids and their parents.

All the furniture for the kids’ room is made of natural and durable birch plywood. To decorate it, the manufacturer uses water-based paints and eco-friendly varnishes.

The BumbleBee Smart prices are always competitive. The team of the shop is always ready to answer customers’ questions and recommend them an optimal piece of furniture.

By the way, on this site, you can buy sensory panels too. This type of educational toy helps children to improve their fine motor skills. It is also suitable for kids of preschool age, and it would be nice to buy it together with climbing furniture.

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