Places Where You Can Find Used Diggers


Purchasing diggers is a considerable deal for construction and landscaping firms that need them to complete their projects. The downside is that while diggers help get the work done well and in a timely fashion, they are quite expensive.  Fortunately, the used market for diggers is very comparable in size to that of the new market. Not only can different styles of diggers be easily found, but also the attachments that go with these machines. There are many options available to those who wish to purchase a used digger as opposed to a new one.

MSM Platforms

Kubota KX36-3 Mini Digger on MSM Plant

MSM Plant Ltd has been in business for 15 years and provides a variety of services, including the sale of used plant machinery. Additionally, they also offer several workshops in sand and bead-blasting, reconditioning, and re-spraying.  They are well known for their excellent sales team with tons of experience. They sell high quality used products across the UK at fair prices. Part of their success can be attributed to their onsite repair shop. This translates into high-quality products. It also helps keep down costs for the consumer because they aren’t required to have their products serviced by an outside mechanic. Furthermore, MSM Plant can haul large equipment and offer contract hire if a person would instead lease than buying.


Hitachi Ex 12 Mini Digger Excavator On Ebay

eBay is known as a preeminent online auction site and for the variety of products that they sell, as well as their ease of use. Although perhaps unexpected, eBay has a massive range of plant machinery on its auction site. While a person may be uncomfortable buying such expensive pieces of equipment remotely, at the very least, they can use this as a tool of price comparison and as a way of narrowing down products. However, using this kind of online resource for purchasing large-scale products is becoming more and more common.

Digger Doctor

Used JCB Diggers on Digger Doctor

Digger Doctor does not specialize in the sale of the whole machinery, but rather in new, used, and replacement parts for plant machinery. These guys have been in business since 1998, and the owner is a JCB engineer. When going to Digger Doctor’s for help, a buyer can be assured to get knowledgeable and relevant advice. At this time, Digger Doctor deals with not only local purchasers, but also works with folks across the UK to get the replacement parts that they need. They have even begun to work with buyers internationally, and have serviced people in 30 different countries. They are dedicated to offering competitive prices and topnotch advice.

Plant Trader

JCB JS130 13 Ton Digger on Plant Trader

Plant Trader does not work exclusively with plant machinery, but they are a reliable source for these types of machines, nonetheless. They boast more than 11.5 million different users monthly. They have a great selection to choose from.

The need for used diggers is enormous, and as such, it is fortuitous that the market for the used machines is almost as large as the new market. There are many different places to turn to when looking for used diggers for sales, such as MSM Platforms and eBay. These websites provide excellent places to price shop, explore options, and even purchase used diggers.

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