Plan For Perfect Guest Room


Love guests coming over? If yes, you would like to plan for your guest room, and for that, you need to think about what expectations you have of a five-star hotel room. Well, for the guest, you don’t have to spend so much and make it all lavish but try and measure up to the standard. You don’t have to create a getaway oasis, but you can arrange a place that provides basic amenities and a quiet place to relax, comfortable, and cozy.

Modern Guest Room

In the guest room, minimalist is best because less is more as they say goes, and more space is better and feels welcoming. This means you need to keep only useful things such:

Contemporary Guest Bedroom


Paper and pen for writing


Extra set of towels


Extra iron

Area maps, brochures and directions to your home

The bed is important. And for proper bedding, it’s important to have a good quality air mattress. Proper linens and blankets are a must. Clean bedding is very important

Extra pillows and blankets are very important

Make some storage space for guest to keep their luggage, small table, or a bench for sitting down the suitcase.

Clear space in the closet in case they want to hang their clothes.

Lampshade in the guest room is advisable.

Guest Bedroom

Television is the most appreciated guest room.

Guests love upholstered armchair or side chairs.

The guest room must have a dressing table or a large mirror or attached bathroom.

The bathroom of the guest room must be clean and important toiletries such as shampoo, soap, comb, tissue papers all must be there.

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