Planning And Designing Small Living Spaces


Small Living Space

Living in small spaces can be quite challenging. However, this doesn’t mean it is impossible to design such spaces. All you need is a little planning and forethought, and you can make the smallest of your spaces functional and eye-catching. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself while designing and styling your small living spaces:

What Am I Going To Use It For?

Please find out how you want to use the room before you start planning its design. Is it going to be a space where you will work or entertain guests? Would you need to store kids’ toys, or are you going to use the space for dining? Depending on your answers, you can select the type of furniture and furnishings you would need.

What Size Should I Choose?

More often than not, people make the mistake of choosing a bunch of small pieces to fit their small spaces. But this is not what the top designers would recommend. If you want to create a better impact, you should use one stunning statement piece instead of too many small items that can create visual clutter.

What Kind Of Lighting Should I Choose?

If your idea is to make your small space look bigger, you should ideally choose lighting solutions to hang in the air. For instance, you could use some pendant lighting in your bedroom and maybe some wall sconces near your sofa. If you have a lot of recessed can light, you can layer in a few tables or floor lamps and make sure the ceiling looks bright.

What About The Colors?

Small spaces would be better off with one color on all walls. This will make them look larger. You can use any warm, rich, or soft and soothing hue. Also, make sure you use the same color in at least one more element you would use in your space, such as an area rug or an accent piece.

How Do I Make It Multi-Functional?

If you want to make your small space multi-functional, you will have to invest in pieces that you can use for more than one thing. You can go for a set of nesting tables instead of a separate coffee table. Go for a desk that will also serve as a buffet. You can pick a bench for some extra seating.

It doesn’t matter what ideas you use to decorate your small space; you must use some creativity and flexibility. If you can find a place for every item in your space, you can organize your space very well, despite its small size.

  • Shop around and look for a few storage units that also serve as functional furniture. You can run a search on storage units in Omaha to find a few.
  • Consult an interior designer to see what best you can do to make your space shine.
  • Read a few books, do some research, and look for a few interior design tips for small spaces. See how best you can incorporate them in your interiors.

A little bit of creativity can help you go a long way in designing perfectly functional spaces that will make life easy and organized. If you try, you can make that limited square footage work in your favor.

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