Plumbing Myths: True Or False

On January 9, 2018 by Himanshu Shah

Plumbing Myths: True Or False
There are many myths and fallacies in the world of plumbing that many believe to be true. Many plumbing challenges are exacerbated because people are misinformed on the facts. Consequently, these erroneous views lead to significant damage and unwarranted expenses. Here are the following plumbing myths to be aware of.

Myth #1 – Putting A Brick In Your Toilet Tank Helps Conserve Water And Lowers Expenses

This false idea about plumbing is one of the most ridiculous out there and has no logic or reason to it at all. Putting a brick in your toilet will not conserve water or lower expenses. Instead, a brick could potentially damage your toilet’s float valve. It is wise that your refrain from putting bricks in your toilet.

Myth #2 – Toilet Cleaning Tablets Should Have Bleaching Agents For Thorough Clean

This false impression emerged from an unhealthy fear of dirt, contamination and toilets. It is wrong for your toilet tablet to contain bleaching agents as this cause a heightened level of corrosion that will damage your toilet in a very short while. While bleach can be used to clean your toilet tank, it comes highly recommended that you do not leave it to linger for too long. It should be rinsed within 5 minutes after application.

Myth #3 – A Sudden Burbling Noise Means The Eruption Of Water Heater Is Imminent

This false impression will certainly keep you on your toes as it is a phenomenon that will happen periodically. The sudden ominous burbling sound that comes from your heater is caused by residues from hard water rotating within your water heater thus creating a harsh burbling sound. Do not be alarmed by this process as it is expected after a while. It is recommended that you get an expert drain the heater from time to time.

Myth #4 – Lemon Peelings Give A Sink A Nice Scent

Lemon peelings have a pleasurable scent that most people find irresistible. However, lemon peels can be damaging to your sinks drain. This is because peelings will clog your sink and create a serious challenge. Nonetheless, a blend of vinegar and baking soda is one of the oldest plumbing self-help tricks that will remedy the situation.

Myth #5 – Slightly Leaking Faucets Are Normal

It is quite pervasive to hear the beads of water sluggishly dripping down from valves. Most people see this as a normal plumbing phenomenon and tend to disregard it. This could be further from the truth as valves are meant to keep water shut completely until you decide otherwise. Therefore, it is best you seek the help of an expert or fix the problem on your own.

Myth#6 – Drain Line Replacement is a Horror

Few time ago sewer line replacement was a terrible process of digging up the whole yard for drain repair issues, but nowadays there are many trenchless methods of underground drain repair, so it’s not a problem more.

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