Plush And Perfect: How Decor And Design Intertwine


Interior and exterior designs offer endless pursuits of style, functionality, and personal detail. Incorporating the right décor that complements your overall interior and outer design visions are the cherry on top of each beautifully crafted space. One important thing to remember is to work on one idea at a time. Here are a few examples:

Pick A Room

Home Decor Ideas 2019

There may be several rooms you would like to make changes in. Begin by choosing a room that speaks to you powerfully. Often, in this case, you have already given some thought about different strategies for this one room. Are you envisioning a new paint color? Maybe that old carpet needs to go, and you want to revamp the space with cheerful colors and a more modern feel with hardwood flooring.



If you aren’t sure which room to begin in, observe a smaller space that needs a few touch-ups. Perhaps the nursery has been outgrown and needs a new purpose. You’ll need new furniture at the very least.

Go Shopping


Your first inspiration point: shop at a furniture store that can provide lots of great ideas. Choosing furnishings first is a handy stepping stone toward deciding on specific details such as paint color, flooring, and enticing decorative items. For example, once a sparse nursery now needs a comfortable daybed to accommodate guests. Adding a plush quilt with colorful bolsters and throw pillows, says, “Welcome.” Add a modern area rug, a cushy armchair, and something personal to the mix for added charm. Think about infusing patterns with your architectural design. Architectural detail can be a potent design tool. Notice the lines, textures, and spacing.

Linear Rooms

Linear Designs

Complement high ceilings with larger furnishings and wall art. If rooms feel too direct, soften with comfortable corner settees, round area rugs, and a round table or barrel chairs. By intertwining décor with design, you’ll create a very charming home-away-from-home space. Designing livable and lovable spaces is an appreciation of personal expression. Marry conventional decor with whimsical or unexpected details that stand out in a fun, inspirational, and positive way.

Re-Purpose Old Treasures

Re-Purpose Old Treasures

Whimsy is in the eye of the designing beholder. It makes any space feel more personable and alive. Re-purposing old pictures, frames, lamps, and other items is a fun way to add personal touches of whimsy. Let your personality show in colors, décor, and design.

Even though there are as many decor and design options available as there are preferences, creating fabulous spaces your way does not have to be complicated. Try to remember to address one component at a time — slow and steady wins the design and decor race.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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