Pool Design And Construction Tips


Pool Design And Construction

Deciding to put a pool is an exciting time, and there are quite a few things to consider to ensure it’s the perfect fit for your home and lifestyle. It’s a good idea to do a bit of research before making any commitments. We’ve put together this article to share some of our best design and construction tips to give you an idea of some of the things you will need to think of when choosing your new pool, as well as answer any Swimming Pool Construction Questions you may have.

Establish How Much You Are Willing To Spend On A Pool

When starting their pool buying journey, many people are unaware that there are additional costs aside from the pool itself that need to be factored in. Added expenses such as landscaping, fencing, and paving usually cost extra. Ensure the company you choose includes these in the quote, so there are no nasty surprises at the end of your pool build. And if you are looking for such a pool design company, then you should definitely visit https://www.selectivedesigns.com. Your pool builder should put a breakdown of each cost in the quote and mention inclusions that can be added to your pool.

Consider Every Pool Design Before Deciding

You may have an idea of the kind of pool you would like for your home, but it’s essential to explore every option before deciding. Why? The reason we suggest this is because although you may want a certain style of pool, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will work best in your backyard; this is especially true for those living on less than ideal terrains, awkwardly shaped backyards, or sloping blocks. You may get a better result both aesthetically and functionally by choosing a different style of pool you had in mind. When in the design phase of your pool build, your pool builder will run through all your options and which style and designs will be best suited to your lifestyle requirements and home. Reputable companies do this daily and know how to match pools to backyards perfectly to create a stunning feature. Ask for a sample of the pool design, this not only gives you an idea of how the pool will look in your backyard, but you can make changes if you need to.

Pool Scaping

While pool scaping isn’t essential to your new pool area, it can look rather bare and stark without it. When in the design phase of your pool build, think of how you want your whole backyard to look. Greenery and grass are a great way to create a cohesive and welcoming space outside. If you consider trees or shrubs for your backyard, ensure they are placed away from your pool, so it doesn’t constantly collect leaf litter. You will need to decide on an outdoor flooring option to go around your pool. There are numerous options, and your pool builder can advise you on which choices will suit the style of your backyard and budget.

Hire A Highly Experienced Company That Is A Member Of SPASA

To get the absolute best result from your pool, build its best to choose a reputable and highly experienced, qualified, and licensed company. Take the time to look at their previous work, their reviews, and their workmanship. The company you choose must be a SPASA (Swimming Pool And Spa Association) member. Pool companies that are SPASA members are industry leaders and adhere to a strict code of ethics and standards. It also covers you as a customer; if the pool company is unable to complete your pool build for any reason, SPASA will source another company to take over the construction at no cost to you.

The Pool Company Needs To Be Insured

If your pool’s construction is going to be more than $20,000, ask the builder if they offer home warranty insurance certificates. This should be established before you pay a deposit and before your pool build commences.

Pool Fencing

In most states and territories in Australia, there must be a compliant pool fence in place for pools with a depth of more than 30cm. Your pool company should take care of your pool fencing and ensure its compliance upon completion. You should verify this in the pool building phase to ensure you don’t have to outsource someone yourself.

The Weather

The weather has a significant impact on how often and when you use your pool, so it’s essential to consider this when designing your pool. For example:

  1. If you live in a cool climate, you may want to consider heating to enjoy your pool for more months of the year.
  2. If your backyard is exposed to full sun, think of including an undercover area near your pool if you don’t have one. This way, your swimmers can jump out and take a retreat under the shade if need be.
  3. If you live in a windy location, you should think of ways to prevent evaporation, such as a pool cover or wind screenings.

Pool Installation Method

There are a few different installation methods available for fiberglass pools, and once you have chosen the design of your pool, you can then choose how you want it installed. Deciding whether an inground, partially above ground or above-ground installation is best for your home will depend on the condition of your site and your budget.

Environmentally Friendly Pool Choices

Running a pool can be expensive, but did you know that most of your pool equipment can be run via solar power? If you’re looking to reduce your pool’s energy consumption, it is a great choice, especially if you are considering heating your pool.

Added Features

Features for pools are continuously being updated with new and innovative technology. Ask your pool builder what features you can include in your pool. Here are some popular choices:

  1. Spa jets
  2. Heating
  3. Splash decks/tanning ledge
  4. Water features
  5. Lighting
  6. Bubbling fountains
  7. Spouting sconces
  8. In-floor cleaning system

If your budget allows, it’s always best to include added features and systems while in the pool building stage. Adding them later on down the track can be more costly.

For additional information on the design and construction process or if you have questions, get in touch with our team here at Factory Pools Perth. We have been fitting and installing beautiful fiberglass pools across Perth for many years and are happy to help if we can.

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