Pool Landscaping Ideas On A Budget


A backyard swimming pool is a place you could relax and bask in the summer sun. It is also the perfect supervised environment for your little ones to enjoy some water.

Everyone loves a beautiful residential swimming pool. Whether you are creating a new pool or have an existing one, pool landscaping is crucial in ensuring your poolside is breathtaking. It also significantly raises the value of your residential home to potential home buyers.

Many would assume that pool landscaping would cost an arm and a leg. It is not necessarily true. There are quite several affordable options available, and it all depends on your level of creativity and resourcefulness.

Some of the landscaping ideas are to make the use of what you already have in your compound.

Below are a few tips for creating a fresh and gorgeous backyard for your pool.

Let’s delve into specifics.

  • String Lighting

String Lighting

Ever walked around town during Christmas? Don’t you love the light? While they look great on those trees, they would also look more amazing in your backyard. Alongside the beauty they bring, they also provide the perfect lighting.

The best lighting option would be installing LED lights as compared to the larger bulbs. That is because they are easier to handle and cost-effective.

A word of caution: Set up the LED lights away from the water. Probably against the walls. It is much safer thus less risk of unprecedented hazards. Unless of course, you are going for the LED lights specially designed for the underwater.

  • Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway

What better way to give your backyard pool a new look than making a stone slab walkway that leads to the pool.

There are only a few stones you need to achieve this rustic effect. You could also get as creative as you may like.

To ‘kill’ this look, choose slabs of different colors for a perfect collage. You can also choose colors that match the tone of your swimming pool.

Apart from the elegance, it is also a way of ensuring your swimming pool and the backyard clean.

  • Fireplace


A fireplace is a more straightforward way of adding some excellent lighting that doubles as a centerpiece for your backyard. It is an eye-catching accent that illuminates your pool as well as keeps you warm on those chilly nights.

For individuals that see fireplaces as traditional, there are more modern firepits that are available to suit the needs of everyone.

  • Garden Planters

Garden Planters

This one is for the individuals that love some green and being eco-friendly is their thing. If you have no planting pots, which can be sometimes expensive, you could opt to recycle things like your old car tires and use them as garden planters.

If your tires are worn out, you could take advantage of this idea, paint the old tires and stack them.

Through all these methods of pool landscaping, remember that the first step is to sweep around the pool, mow the lawn, pull out the weeds, and remove dead plants.

Also, declutter and remove stuff that you do not need. It should be the first step, especially for people who need a change in their backyard pool, and do not have an idea where to start.


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