Potential Health Benefits Of CBD Candles

On March 25, 2019 by Himanshu Shah

CBD oil has been proven to be beneficial for several conditions and diseases, including anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, inflammation, and more.

Imagine what happens when you combine the ancient art of aromatherapy and CBD’s potential health benefits. Using the hemp plant’s natural essential oils, we can enhance mood and promote a sense of well-being through CBD candles.

What Are CBD Candles Made?

CBD candle

CBD candles are made of cannabis essential oil, more particularly CBD oil.

Although it’s seen as a “taboo” essential oil, CBD oil provides a lot of therapeutic benefits in comparison to other essential oils.

CBD oil promotes a balance of mind and body, helps in the release of stress, and helps us relax.

One of the common misconceptions about essential cannabis oil and CBD candles is that since they are derived from the cannabis plant family, they have psychoactive properties.

That’s not the case with CBD candles. The essential cannabis oil used in the making of CBD candles is distilled from the hemp plant and contains 0-0.3% THC. The primary substance is CBD, which is THC’s non-psychoactive counterpart that has all the health benefits of the plant, without the unwanted high.

CBD candles use the natural, organic essence of the plant.

What Are CBD Candles Used For?

Since CBD oil is known to relax the body and uplift our spirit, CBD-infused candles with essential oil and fragrance have all the benefits of aromatherapy. They can be used to transform every environment into a stress-free zone.

CBD candles can be used for massages for soreness, pain, and inflammation, as well as for setting the mood and de-stressing.

CBD candles are incredibly beneficial for the health of your skin and can be used for massages and ambiance as well.

Here are some of the most common benefits of CBD candles:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Provide all the benefits of medical marijuana without the unwanted high afterward
  • Great for massages
  • Usually 100% Vegan (check the product description before purchasing)
  • Drug test safe
  • Great for unwinding and relaxing
  • Help with stress, restlessness, and anxiety
  • No psychoactive effects

Ways That CBD Candles Enhance a Home’s Ambiance

CBD Massage Candles

There are many ways to make your home a more welcoming and warm place. The way you decorate your home often time expresses the mood you are in. So if you want to personalize your home and create a beautiful ambiance, candles are the number one way to do it.

Some of the benefits of using CBD candles to create an ambiance, rather than using regular candles, are:

  • CBD candles create more soothing and relaxing surroundings
  • They soften the room and make people more relaxed and calm
  • Help ease and soothe the mind
  • They are energizing and improve focus
  • They induce calming effects and a sense of well-being
  • Help with anxiety
  • Can be used during meditation

How Are CBD Candles Made?

CBD candles are usually made of 100% pure hemp seed oil, essential oils, soybean wax, fragrance oils, and terpenes.

These are some of the most common ingredients found in CBD candles, although they can vary a lot depending on the brand.

The process of making the candles includes melting the wax, infusing it with the terpenes, and the other ingredients, pouring the mixture into a mold and pulling the wick through the tip of the mold.

Top Quality CBD Candles to Try

CBD 3-in-1 Massage Candle

Let’s have a look at some of the top brands when it comes to CBD candles.

Kannai — CBD Massage Candle

Kannai’s CBD massage candles have been known to help with pain and inflammation.

They are quite easy to use. You light up and use the CBD oil on top of your massage.

Their candles are made with essential oils, CBD oil, soy, shea butter, coconut oil, and a few other ingredients that add to the aroma of the candle, and its therapeutic effects.

Pendi.co CBD Infused Candles

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Pendi.co’s CBD candles are made from natural coconut oil, high resin hemp-extracted cannabidiol, and without a trace of THC.

Their candles are gluten-free, vegan, paraben-free, and phthalate-free.

They are helpful against stress, anxiety, pain, and other similar conditions and disorders.

Their coconut CBD candles offer up to 25 hours of stress relief and relaxation, which makes them perfect for meditation, yoga, work, insomnia, during workouts, or while hanging out with friends and family.

CBD Daily 3-in-1 Massage Candles

The CBD Daily 3-in-1 massage candle can be used as a candle, moisturizer, and massage oil.

It’s excellent for soothing and moisturizing your skin, as well as getting rid of unwanted stress and tension.

The candle is made of natural hemp CBD oil; it is 100% vegan, THC-free, and non-psychoactive.

It’s quite easy to use as well; you light the candle and use the CBD oil on top to massage your skin.

The candle contains powerful CBD oil, which helps moisturize, soothe, and replenish your skin.

The Takeaway

Each day more and more research goes into CBD’s benefits and the use of CBD products for medical purposes.

CBD candles are among those promising products that are yet to become famous and more present in people’s homes.

They are particularly beneficial when it comes to reducing pain and inflammation, mainly because of CBD’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

While many vendors offer CBD candles, its always better to stick to brands that use natural ingredients and are open about the process they use to make their products, as well as the ingredients they use in their candles.

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