Potential Weak Points That Could Inhibit Your Water Heater’s Functionality


Water Heater

Same day hot water services are increasingly on-demand in Melbourne-Darebin areas. Hot water is essential in homes, and in the event a failure occurs, it can get a bit stressful, particularly in winter. Fortunately, there are certified contractors offering 24/7 services, ready to assist you.

Common Issues

Like with most equipment, your water heater is prone to faults. However, most of the factors that lead to malfunctions are preventable. By regularly carrying out maintenance on the unit, you can increase the unit’s efficiency and lifespan.

As always, it’s best to call up a reputable contractor to come and have a look. With most of these units costing upwards of $1000 to purchase and install, there’s no need to cut corners in a bid to save a bit of pocket change.

  • Ignition

Several issues may limit the effectiveness of your system. One of them being the electric igniter or pilot light. Before calling up a technician, take time to ensure that the machine has enough gas or oil.

Apart from having insufficient gas, fuel valves may detach from the unit, thereby preventing the heater from functioning as it should. As trivial as it may seem, don’t take matters into your own hands (after all, it’s gas we are talking about); call a service provider.

Like with any other part of the system, the electric igniter gets worn out after repeated use. It could also get clogged up by dirt and dust. Get professional assistance in the event your water heater malfunctions.

  • Heating Element

Most homeowners have faced problems to do with their heating coil frequently burning out. Call a certified same day hot water services personnel to help you solve this problem.

If your water comes out too cold or too hot, then the thermostat may be damaged or needs to be calibrated accordingly. In some instances, the thermostat may require to be faulty, therefore requiring replacing too.

  • The Flue

Blocking the flue could ground your hot water system by blocking the air from exiting or entering the machine. This leads to uneven burning and could potentially further damage the unit.

As far as routine maintenance goes, your contractor will ensure to extensively clean the flue, ensuring that it’s free of any dirt and debris.

  • Relieve Valve

This is yet another potential cause of failure. If the relief valve fails, you could experience a leak in the heater. The valve serves to protect the heater from over-pressuring and subsequently to explode. A gush around the valve will lead to less hot water in your shower.

If you suspect the valve to be faulty, don’t use the unit before calling up a qualified plumber and changing it.

As a homeowner seeking a seamless supply of hot water, it’s best to have a same day hot water services provider who offers round the clock services- malfunctions occur without notice and could happen at odd hours. Having a reliable contractor on speed dial is vital to this.

Finally, having a redundant secondary system is worth looking into. This will significantly improve the chances of continuously having hot water in your home or office- even while the contractor works on the central unit.


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