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Portable Generator For Camping

If you like to have parties and days out in the countryside or even in the wild, you need to get yourself as comfortable as possible – and in the XXI century, it takes power. Luckily, now it’s no big deal. On electrogardentools.com, you can find a review of the best portable generators around. Is this investment in your recreation reasonable? Let’s see.

What Use Is A Generator Out There?

If you prefer the old-school, boy scout-style camping where you go for everything just around, from woods for the campfire for BBQ, a generator is of no need. You’d rather invest in searching for places where you can get away with this sort of fun. Otherwise, there are many ways you can benefit from having a generator.

  • Music. Plug in a powerful acoustic system with a built-in amplifier, and you’ll get as loud as allowed. You won’t have to worry if the battery dies in the middle of a party.
  • Electric cookers. They eliminate any need to find or buy woods for ovens or whatever you take. Of course, they will not replace that old campfire, but the foods will be easier to cook and harder to burn.
  • Lighting. You can install regular electric lamps, or special camping fires that create that unique atmosphere, or even club lasers and headlights. Regardless, they all need to be powered to make a great raving camping time.
  • Air conditioning. No matter if you go for regular fans or heating or cooling systems, they all need to be powered as well.
  • Keeping your gadgets on. Your phones and tablets, smartwatches, drones and cameras, acoustic systems, and active gimbals need alternative power solutions. If they die, you won’t be able to share your party out – as if you’ve never had it at all.
  • Various gadgets, from safety systems and sensors to ultrasonic insect repellents. Not that they all consume much power, but it’s better to back them up with a solid source.

A 2.2 KW generator would cover all these needs. If you use a car or an RV to get where you plan your party, it should be no problem to take enough fuel with you.

What Matters

One of the main things you should look into when buying a camping generator or home backup generator is the output. Generally, you will need a 2,000 kW generator to power your camping appliances, but this may vary. Always check the generator’s power rating before you buy it. Many manufacturers now offer portable generators with higher horsepower, so keep an eye out for those.

In addition to the output, you should consider the following features:

  • Noise level. The quieter it is, the less disturbed you will get.
  • Fuel type and consumption. You may wonder how much fuel the portable generator takes up, but the answer could vary. The amount of energy that goes into a single pound of generator fuel is based on the engine’s efficiency, and each manufacturer uses different efficiency standards. In the end, the primary thing to take note of is the fuel cost and its availability. Portable generators with reasonable fuel costs offer the best value in the long run.
  • You can get a decent generator for about $500, but more expensive models can have attractive extras.
  • Lightweight ones are easier to carry and install, even though you don’t carry them on your backs.
  • While most generators come with this, you can get a better deal by buying an extended-warranty generator. This will allow you to maximize the manufacturer’s warranty for a certain number of years, often ten or more.
  • You will want to buy a portable generator that isn’t damaged easily when exposed to the elements or to rough weather, and you’ve got to make sure it can last through a number of camping trips.

The Question Of Price

How much do you spend on one camping party weekend? If you consider everything, including food, drinks, fuel, lighting, inventory, it can take up to $100-150 a day for a person. Even for a small party, the overall sum may get over a thousand bucks and even more. Given that, investing in the same sum into a generator sounds a good idea if your party frequently.

If you host these parties often, your guests expect you to take most responsibilities and provide what’s behind all that fun. You may hope that your car generator can cover all these needs. But if you want to relax and have fun at your own party, you better not sweat it and get yourself a dedicated generator for recreational needs.

Generate Your Own Fun!

Have you ever used a dedicated generator for your camping weekends or longer vacations? What model was it? Did it cover all the needs for the power you had? No compromises or sacrifices? If you had a good or bad experience with certain models, you could tell your stories in the comments. We’d be glad to hear more stories. Or you can argue that the unplugged sort of fun is better; that is welcomed too.

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