Powerpoint Design Ideas For Advanced Learners


Powerpoint Design Ideas

Students have to write a great variety of academic papers, and their diversity may confuse young minds. Each project has a separate purpose that must be fulfilled according to the rules. We guess a PowerPoint presentation is one of the most creative and time-consuming projects. Besides, it may be difficult for many students. They lack good and fresh ideas on how to represent their concepts clearly and informatively.

They don’t always understand how simple this project can be. Many learners use at least one reliable PowerPoint presentation writing service because it has qualified experts who can cope with any piece of writing, including the PPT assignment. Yet, it’s not the only solution. Learners can surely handle this challenge themselves if they try harder and use this informative guide. It reflects a few great PowerPoint design ideas to make the project vivid and captivating. We’ve also prepared effective tips on how to prepare this assignment and avoid complications. So, read to the end to know all the odds.

Powerpoint Slide Design Ideas For Beginners

We guess you realize that you should use the Microsoft PowerPoint program to create this assignment. The key to presenting your ideas originally and effectively is offered by this very program! Make allowances for the next concepts:

  • Use What The Program Offers

You should understand that the PPT program already has various templates. So, every beginner should not do in-depth research on the matter and complicate his or her academic life. It may be enough to simply find the right PowerPoint template. There are many of them, and they are quite informative, original, and attractive.

  • Incorporate The Core Design Principles

One of the main tasks of every student is to make all the elements of his/her presentation attractive. They are supposed to draw the attention of the audience and never lose their grip. A big picture consists of small details. You should never forget this statement. This program surely has tons of different visual effects that should be used. Otherwise, it will be a “crime,” and you will lose the interest of your audience. There are various colors, charts, graphs, animations, fonts, and other effects. Each can be adjusted to the topic you tell and used on time to underline what you are trying to explain. Even a change of color or font can add more benefits to your presentation. Study all the options to know how they can be used to your advantage and impress your audience.

Other PPT Design Ideas For You

Let’s now move from simple PowerPoint layout ideas to more advanced concepts. They can be used by beginners as well. So, don’t be afraid that this part of our guide will be useless or too complicated for you. Consider the next suggestions:

  • The 1-6-6 Rule

This is a very interesting rule which is widely used by students, professors, lecturers, etc. What is its purpose? There should be one major idea and 6 supporting concepts. For example, the topic of your PowerPoint presentation is – The Impact of Technology on Students. This is the major idea of the project. Then you need 6 bullet lists that support or explain this idea. They can offer only positive outcomes, as well as negative ones. The combination is possible too. Everything depends on what your goal is. What about the second “6?” It means that every point in your bullet list should contain no more than 6 words.

So, you get 1 main point and 6 bullet-list points, which are only 6 words long. This visual effect helps to keep the attention of your audience all the time long. Even if they lose or miss your explanation, they can take a look at the list to understand what you’re talking about.

You should also know that you aren’t limited to only 1 point and 6 supporting points. If there are 3–5 topics in your presentation, use them all with the same supporting bullet lists. Thus, your presentation will be vivid.

A remark: There is an opinion that an average person cannot manage more than 10 concepts per presentation. Therefore, you should never exceed this number. Moreover, it should not last longer than 20 minutes.

  • Use Pictures And Videos

As the PPT program was created for visual supervision, use it to its maximum. Some people say that the right picture is worth a thousand words. So, you’d better listen to them because it’s true! This is one of the most effective, common, and attractive theme ideas for a PPT presentation. One picture may tell instantly anything you are trying to say in 10 sentences or more. You only need to be sure that you have chosen an appropriate image. It should be attractive, vivid, and uncommon but simultaneously fully reflect your idea. It’s good if you can find or create an image that contains several words for explanation.

If your topic is technology, you can centralize a robot and add words like progress, speed, access, convenience, and so on. Surround it with the right words, and if you stumble during your speech, look at the image to remember what theme should be disclosed next. Your listeners will be fond of a bright picture with explanations.

In case you use a video or two, it will be even more beneficial for your project. It explains and tells at the same time. You only need to run it. The vid can reflect the main purpose of your speech and offer bullet lists, quick theses, tips, and other infographics. Of course, it should not do the whole job in your stead. Yet, it can complete you. At times, it’s hard to explain some concepts or phenomena in words. The right video can solve this issue perfectly.

  • Plot A Call To Action (CTA)

Finally, you can and should use a special means called a Call to Action or briefly CTA. It commonly appears at the end of any text. Yet, you can insert it right at the beginning after you write at least 2-3 entry sentences. The main purpose of this literary means is to provoke people to do something.

For example, you have surely seen a lot of articles that end with words like Follow us, learn more here, join our community, order this product here, and something of the kind. These are the direct calls to do something according to the topic of the article. If it’s possible, create your own CTA to make your listeners act as you want. You be defining a topic of the natural environment, and you want more people to participate in your initiative. So, you can finish your presentation with a CTA – Join my community to protect our planet!

A remark: Do not forget that a call to action must be short. Don’t write more than 8 words. Otherwise, its effect will be lowered. It’s supposed to be something short and straight to the point!

Great Powerpoint Design Ideas On How To Prepare This Project

You already know how to get PPT design ideas. Yet, there is another issue that must be resolved. Even though you have the right visual influencers for your audience, you have to write the script for yourself. This is when many students have serious problems. They may not be excellent at writing, as well as fulfilling other vital functions like research, editing, outlining, and so on. Therefore, we have created a list of vital tips to create a perfect project, no matter what difficulties you face. Make allowances for the following essentials:

  • Select The Right Topic

First of all, you need to pick a good angle of what you are going to tell your listeners. No academic project cannot do without a good topic. It must be something currently relevant, which may provoke interest in your presentation. So, you need to study the niche to find out the “hottest” themes and decide which one suits your aims and can interest others.

  • Research It Thoroughly

Secondly, you need to be sure that you can defend your viewpoint. To do that, check whether you can find enough supporting materials. Study the topic to disclose it entirely, and afterward, stand your ground. Perhaps you will not find enough evidence. Thus, you will have to either change the topic according to your findings or pick a completely different one.

  • Have A Plan

It’s always wise to come up with a plan, no matter what you should write or prepare. It saves a lot of time and energy just because it highlights everything you are supposed to mention in your presentation. These are its main parts, timeframes for them, methods, and tools you need to apply to fulfill the task. It explains what, when, and how to write in your project. Thus, it surely saves tons of precious time.

  • Create A Thesis Statement

Your PPT presentation needs the central idea. It is also known as a thesis statement. It must be short and strong. It’s commonly only one sentence that clearly states the purpose and importance of your research. For example, it may look like this – We must protect our environment if we want to rescue our planet.

  • Draft It

You should try to write at least 2 drafts before you start to edit and proofread it. This recommendation is wise because no one can write a perfect project at once. There are some mistakes that spoil its clarity, readability, uniqueness, etc. So, your first draft may be a real mess. Just write down all the ideas you have without pondering grammar, logic, readability, and similar aspects. The second draft is supposed to put all things together correctly. You will unite all separate parts into an informative, original, and comprehensive script.

  • Revise And Improve

Of course, it’s vital to revise your text 2–3 times at the least. As we’ve just written, no one can write a perfect paper in one try. There are some stylistic and grammar mistakes that must be found and corrected. Perhaps some parts don’t look natural, or the sequence of events isn’t logical. Such parts must be improved.

Apply various methods of revision. The most typical ones are surely reading in your head and aloud. Yet, you can also read from the last sentence to the first. It’s an uncommon method that is a bit slower than others. Yet, this is your piece of cake! When you slow down, you can focus more effectively and spot more mistakes or drawbacks.

Don’t forget about technology! There are tons of useful and resourceful tools that help to check any text and improve it. The best helpers for learners are surely digital editors and grammar checkers. They help to spot logical, stylistic, and grammar errors. These tools underline your errors and even offer corrections. So, everything runs extremely fast and smoothly.

Besides, you should use other apps from time to time. For example, plagiarism checkers help to detect the slightest signs of plagiarism. Citation generators tell when you insert a citation incorrectly, etc. Most tools can be used for free.

  • Practice The Speech

The last design idea on PowerPoint is actually practicing it before you go to the masses. You need to work out your charisma, as well as understand how good or bad your speech is. One of the common methods is to give it in front of a mirror. Thus, you will see your posture, mimics, etc. Yet, it may not be enough. Ask your friends or family members to listen to it as well. They can provide you with vital remarks and constructive criticism. Besides, you will check whether you are afraid of other people listening to you and looking at you. Try to overcome it in that way.

Drawing The Final Line

We have done our best to present really cool PowerPoint ideas. They all are universal and effective, which means they suit any topic and subject you select. Try each in turn, and also look for similar guides. The more data you find, the more solutions you get. We know that you will use them wisely!

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