Predicting The 2018 Interior Design Trends


We will say goodbye to 2017 very soon, and already designers are planning the interior design trends that will dominate 2018. Every year we learn something new about interior design, and this year was no different. Design trends are influenced by experts, magazines, media, current events, and changing states of mind. One philosophy that has been gaining more and more popularity over the years is certainly sustainability. The same trend is what we are likely to be seeing more in 2018: eco-friendly interior designs that will bring us one step closer to nature.

Interior Remodeling Trend 2018

Most designers and homeowners alike are ready to leave eccentric and expensive designs and decorations in 2017 and make way for frugal, eco-friendly, practical, and comfortable designs. The focus is on families, which results in the tendency to develop a welcoming home and improve the way people communicate. Spending a lot of money is no longer the focus of the interior design. This will probably make many homeowners happy.

With that said, here are some of the most likely trends that we will see more in 2018.

The Focus On Comfort

Comfortable Furniture

Affordable does not also mean less comfortable. Quite the contrary: the main focus of interior design in 2018 will be comfort and communication. Comfortable and inviting furniture pieces like the ones offered here are guaranteed to create a living room that spurs conversations and motivates people to spend more time together. Apart from that, the focus will be on creating small zones within a room, with a comfortable chair placed in the corner separated by a lightroom divider enabling anyone to spend a pleasant time reading, relaxing, or enjoying the peace.

Natural Color Palette

Natural Color Palette

Keeping in tune with nature, we are ready to say goodbye to cool, bright colors and welcome neutral, Earthly tones like green, brown, or beige with subtle black, white, blue, and soft orange undertones. They can easily be paired with metallic or gold details. Copper and bronze will be the decorator’s material of choice. Therefore, you won‘t go wrong with terra-cotta, white or gray tones in 2018.

Renewable Materials and Bright Lights

Bright Living Room With Lamp And Chandalier Lighting

What better way to create an eco-friendly environment in tune with nature than to use renewable materials like dark wood or cork. Dark wood, in particular, is likely to be the most popular material in 2018, as it goes with almost any style. Cork will also be close behind, as the material is ideal for flooring, cabinetry, and even walls. To make sure these materials stand out, designers will also be focusing on accent lighting, creating warm and welcoming rooms.

Frugal Decor

Frugal Home Décor

Who would want to spend thousands of dollars on a decorative piece in 2018? Nobody! The next year will be all about creativity and frugal décor: creating impressive art pieces that match the texture and theme of any room out of recycled materials. Not only will this save you lots of money for decorating, but it will also help give your home a unique, personal touch.

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