Preparing Your Home For Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is quite an important task. If you’re going to have an effective cleaning session, you want to make sure that everything goes on according to plan. It is always recommended that you get a professional carpet cleaning company, but you also need to make things easy for them as much as possible. Below, we’ll look into some of the things you can get done to ensure that the carpet cleaning task goes as smoothly as planned.

Before The Cleaners Arrive

Here are a few quick things to keep in mind before the cleaners get to your property:

Run A Quick Vacuum Around The House

Yes, the professionals are coming to the house, and they’ll clean the carpet. But, keep in mind that their job isn’t to vacuum the house – it’s yours. Professional carpet cleaners from Best 1 Carpet Cleaning Brisbane usually go straight into their job and clean the carpet. So, you will be doing them a significant favor by vacuuming the palace first. If the cleaners get there and have to spend an hour doing regular vacuuming tasks, they will have to stay longer, and you’ll probably have to pay even more money. So, just make sure the carpet is clean in the first palace and let them get to the task at hand. At the end of the day, everyone is happy.

Clear Any Obstructive Furniture

This is another task you need to get done if you hope to save the professional cleaners some time. Many carpet cleaners will charge you by the hour, and you don’t want to have them doing mundane things like working furniture. If you find that some furniture is too big to take off the carpet, then you can push them against the wall—things like cabinets, couches, and more fit this description. But, the smaller furniture items can easily be moved off the carpet to allow the cleaners to get to their work more quickly. Other things that are lying around the house – shoes, clothes, kids’ toys, electronics, etc. – should be picked up and stored anywhere else but on the carpet. It is also essential to keep curtains from touching the floor – especially if they will be coming close to the carpet. We recommend using a hanger to get the curtains on a rod. This way, the cleaning machines won’t cause any damage to the beautiful curtains when the cleaners get here.

Keep Your Pets Away

We all love pets. Our furry friends keep us company and brighten our lives. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning, pets aren’t quite suitable additions to the environment. A lot of pets including cats and dogs, shed fur, which can stain the carpet after it has been cleaned. There is also the fact that pets tend to get excited when they see new faces, and they could get in the way of professional carpet cleaners when they come in. So, it’s better if you keep them away for now.

Clear The Driveway

Most times, cleaning companies come with a lot of heavy equipment and a car to transport them all. If they have to park far away from the house, moving their equipment and getting around might not be so easy. To that end, you want to keep your driveway clear of vehicles. If you have a car, then you might want to park it away for a while or make enough space for the cleaning professionals to park easily. The point of this is simple; if the professionals can park as close as possible to your house, moving their tools in and out will be much easier. It saves energy and time, and everyone can be done as quickly as possible.

Make Plans To Stay Elsewhere

When you’re getting a professional cleaning service, it might be better for you to not plan on staying home. This largely depends on the type of carpet cleaning you’re planning to get, of course. Deep steam cleaning and hot water extraction are the most popular types of cleaning. These methods might take a lot of time – especially if the carpet is to dry after the cleaning. If you stick around, there’s a high chance that you’d get in the way of the cleaners. So, it might be best for you to leave the property while they work. Just remember to lock up and safeguard the essential items in the home. You could stay at a neighbor’s place so you can monitor the cleaners’ progress. But, as much as possible, stay out of their way.

When The Cleaners Leave

Hold Off On Returning

Even if the cleaners have completed their work, you are still unable to return. Your carpet will need to dry, and that process will take a few hours at least. If the carpet is still in the house, then you will need to stay away for a while. You can go back if the carpet isn’t in a high-traffic area, but only then. As for your pets, they shouldn’t be in the house until the carpet is dry under any circumstances. You can’t control where those furry friends will go. Hence, it will be perfect for them to stay away for the time being. Schedule Another Cleaning If you love how your carpets look, then you want to schedule another cleaning. This one might not be as deep as the one just applied. However, regular cleaning will be important in maintaining the beauty of your carpet in the long run. Before the cleaners leave your property, do well to get their contact and schedule another appointment in a month or two.

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