Prepping Your Patio Before the First Snowfall


Prepping Your Patio Before the First Snowfall

In many parts of the country, winter brings heavy snows, bitter winds, and icy temperatures. Exposure to these elements can degrade materials and cause damage to outdoor areas. Preparing your property for winter weather can prevent damage and reduce maintenance costs. Don’t neglect the preparation of your patio for the first snow, so you can be ready to use your outdoor area when the warm weather returns.

  1. Clean & Store Patio Furniture

Leaving your patio furniture out in the elements can shorten its lifespan and make maintenance more time-consuming. No matter what materials your patio furniture is made of, exposure to the moisture, frigid temperatures, and icy winds will cause deterioration and a need for repairs. Bring your furniture and landscape supplies into an inside area, such as a basement, garage, or storage shed to prevent lasting damage to the materials. You can also cover the furniture with a waterproof tarp for additional protection against moisture.

  1. Clean & Prep Your Barbecue Grill

Don’t forget to give your outdoor grill a bit of attention before winter comes. Scrub the grill area and give the outside a thorough washing. Make sure the propane tank valve is closed or return it to your supplier. Cover the grill with a waterproof material and secure the cover against strong winter winds.

  1. Trim & Remove Overhanging Tree Limbs & Shrubs

You should also take the time to assess the foliage around your patio area, to remove overhanging branches. These limbs may become laden with snow and ice, breaking under the weight. Winter damage can leave your patio foliage looking damaged and misshapen. A little attention before the heavy snow can help to preserve the appearance of your patio area.

  1. Sweep & Clean Your Patio Surface

Patios can collect a large amount of dirt, leaves, and debris that will be buried under the snow. Sweep the area carefully and remove ground-in dirt and grease from concrete, bricks, or stone surf with a pressure washer and de-greasing solution. This will also help to remove tree sap that makes a sticky mess on patio surfaces. If you notice small areas of damage, have it repaired so that the harsh winter weather doesn’t make the problem worse.

A little care before the first snow will ensure that your patio is ready to be used when the first warm days of spring arrive. These small, easy-to-do actions will preserve your outdoor furniture, avoid damage from heavy snows, and maintain your patio surface so that you can enjoy outdoor time with family and friends again as soon as possible.

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