Preserving Your Hardwood Floor From Moisture


Preserving Your Hardwood Floor From Moisture
Wood flooring is any product that is manufactured from timber. It is manufactured to use as flooring, that can either be aesthetic or structural. Wood flooring makes our floor look more beautiful. Art wood flooring is also common. Wood is usually used as a flooring material. It comes in different colors, styles, species and cuts. There are different types of hardwood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is fabricated from floorboards pulverized from a sole piece of lumber. These floors were primarily used for organizational purposes. Nowadays, engineered wood flooring has acquired some fame. However, solid wood flooring is still prevalent. Despite the beauty of hardwood flooring, it is suspected to moisture damage. Wood is hygroscopic and can absorb moisture resulting in damage. Following are some ways through which you can prevent your hardwood flooring from moisture:

  1. One of the best ways is to precisely measure the amount of moisture in the subfloors previous to the installation of wood flooring.
  2. Wagner Meters; that measure moisture should be used to effectively resolve the warning signs of damage on wood floors due to moisture.
  3. Also, it is essential to never soak the wood floors in water or use unnecessary water on the flooring for cleaning and other purposes, as this moisture can be absorbed by the wood and it may twist the wood. Either, use a dry cloth or mop when cleaning. Never use any chemical cleaners that include acids, oil, ammonia or wax because they damage wood flooring.
  4. Use rugs and floor mats that can absorb moisture and clean debris of shoes before stepping on the wood flooring.
  5. If you are a nature lover and have plant pots inside your house, take preventive measures. Pots should not be in direct contact with wood flooring. There should be a sheet of protection between the wood flooring and the plant pot. In this way dirt, mud and water will not damage the wood flooring. Because this moisture can be absorbed by the wood and its boards might warp out of shape.
  6. Make sure that the mats and rugs that you are using are dry and clean. Wet mats and rugs will damage the boards of wood flooring destroying their shape.
  7. The housekeeper should be vigilant when it comes to things like spills. Spilled liquid should immediately be blotted by a dry cloth and wood flooring should be dried.
  8. Climatic changes during summers also change the humidity level of air. Make sure that your house is kept at a near constant level through humidity control and air conditioning throughout the summer season.
  9. Avoid damp mopping. Make sure to use water economically when damp mopping. Turn on ceiling and oscillating fans to accelerate the process of drying.
  10. Sometimes due to the dry climate of an area it is thought that there would be no moisture issues with wood flooring. This conception is wrong. Always remember that a moisture issue does not inevitably mean too much moisture. It can also be too little. Despite the little amount, it is still damaging.
  11. Some areas are very dry on the surface, but have high underground water content which warps the boards. Keep an eye on the surface to prevent moisture damage.
  12. You can control level of humidity in your house by making a tight building cover, clogging the crawlspace and using mechanical systems for proper aeration.
  13. Install a dehumidifier in the room with wood flooring.

These are some simple tips that can assist you in preserving your beautiful hard wood flooring from the damaging effects of moisture and spills in the surroundings.


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