Pretty Things To Do In Charlotte NC


Tourist Places In Charlotte NC

If you want to experience Charlotte, NC, like a local, then you must know the place like a local. And the only way to do so is learning about them from us, local.

North Carolina’s Queen City, Charlotte, is an unforgettable, tasty brew of unique culinary, live music, shopping markets, sports, brewery experiences, and some excellent outdoor adventure. Here’s a list of pretty things to do in Charlotte NC that only a local can tell you about.

Golden Plantation Tours

We know that Charlotte is famous for museums, such as the Charlotte Museum of History or the Wells Fargo Museum. But you can also retrace the history of the queen city through the region’s heritage guided tours on plantations. The Historic Rosedale Plantation shows the beautiful Federal period architecture, while the Historic Brattonsville helps tourists witness the songs of the Revolutionary War and its root.

Gold Mine

Visit the nation’s oldest gold mine, discovered in the year 1799. You can also pan for gold at the Reed Gold Mine for $3.

Horse-Drawn Carriage Tours

This is something you wouldn’t want to miss. The Charlotte Center City Carriage Tour is a 2-hour long, horse-drawn carriage tour that takes tourists around the Center City and the nearby historic districts.

Food And Drink Tour

The best way to taste the town of Charlotte, NC, is by taking the flavorful food tour organized by Charlotte, NC tours, Tour De Food, and Feast Food Tours. You can also enjoy community food at the 7th Street Public Market, where gourmet foods are made into gifts, such as artisan pizza, sandwiches, craft beer, sweet confection, excellent wine, and raw fruit juices.

Barbeque Nation

There are several North Carolina style barbeque food tours in Charlotte, such as Queen City Q, Midwood Smokehouse, Mac’s Speed Shop, Sauceman’s, Bar-B-Q-King, and Bill Spoon’s Barbeque that should be in your bucket list if you are here for food too.

Library For Your Soul

Billy Graham Library is an ode to American history, scattered across 20 acres of land, just about 10 minutes from southwest of Uptown. The Billy Graham library site is open for visitors to explore Billy – the American Pastor’s family home, a museum that displays Graham’s life, a memorial prayer garden, the library, a food jaunt, and a dairy center.

A Park That Is More Than A Park

The BB&T Ballpark is the home for Charlotte’s knights. The part offers picturesque skyline views, affordable seals, and scrumptious food. The Ballpark is set in the Uptown, making it easily accessible from most of Charlotte’s famous hotels. We recommend visitors to attend the game on a Friday night when the sky is lit with beautiful fireworks.

Park Of Freedom

Yes, the Freedom park is so huge, nearly 100 acres, that you will feel like you are forever walking on freedom, whatever that means to you. But for Charlotte locals, it is escaping from the noisy, hustle-bustle of the Uptown. The Freedom Park is locally known as the ‘Central Park of Charlotte.’ It is a popular strolling and biking paths, where you can watch joggers jig, children’s playing, and families taking a walk.

You can also drive along the park and take in the view of the landscape. The park has food and beverage stalls, restaurants, shared bathrooms, shops, and local eateries. The park is open for different sports, such as volleyball, tennis, etc.

The NASCAR Culture

If you love NASCAR race and enjoy the adrenaline rush, then the Charlotte Motor Speedway should be on your ‘for sure things to do’ list. However, to get a fair price, buy the ticket for the race a month before. If you don’t want to watch the race, you can always enroll in the affordable, daily tours that enable travelers to have a look at the racing areas, the motors, and other off-limit places.

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