Promote Learning In Your Child’s Room By Using Feng Shui and Modern Decor


Kids Bedroom

A child’s room should promote good health, happiness, creativity, and a desire to learn. When deciding how to decorate and arrange your child’s room, consider mixing old techniques with new ones – feng shui and modern style. By giving your child a room in which they can grow, you are helping to develop their natural curiosity about the world and fueling their imagination. Using these tips will help transform your child’s room into a place where they feel comfortable, confident, and curious.

Set Up A Study Area

Kids Study Area

To help your child focus on studying, he needs an area to study. Get a desk, a chair, and a lamp to start his study area. According to feng shui, any items promoting studying and learning should go to the northeast corner. Try not to have the desk facing a wall, as this can be seen as an obstacle in the path of your child’s learning. Instead, turn the desk around and put it in a command position by allowing your child to see the door. Use a globe or maps to decorate the study area, as these can help keep your child focused, grounded, and curious about the world.

Recognize Awards And Achievements

Kids Awards & Achievements Decor

To help your child grow up confident and happy, recognize her achievements. Use the south wall to showcase trophies, awards, letters of praise and recommendation, and her artwork. Creating an area on the south wall for your child’s achievements will help her grow into a positive, confident adult.

Get Rid Of Clutter

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is one of the worst things to have in your child’s room (or any room), according to feng shui. Clutter inhibits growth and can cause lethargy and bad luck. If you want to keep your child healthy and able to grow, get rid of the clutter. Make sure everything has its place in your child’s room and teach him how to keep his room clean and clutter-free.


Kids Bedroom Decor

Decorating a child’s room is one of the main components to creating a safe place in which she can sleep, study, and grow. The color of the room should be neither too light nor too dark. Pastel colors work best, and you may find that painting each area (the study area, the bed area, the achievement area, and any other area) a different color can help in promoting happiness and good health. You should always put a happy picture of your family in your child’s room, preferably across from the bed where she can see it before she goes to sleep and first thing when she wakes up. This reminds her that she is in a happy, healthy family who loves and supports her. Engage her creativity and imagination by painting a clear coat of whiteboard paint over her walls, so she always has something to draw on. Use positive and educational posters and images throughout the room to keep her curiosity growing. Having artwork of fish or seashells can increase prosperity and good luck.

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