Proper Maintenance For Your Basement Foundation


Basement Waterproofing

All parts of a home need maintenance to function properly. All homes need foundation maintenance. With a basement, however, you must remain a bit more careful about repairs and updates. A basement environment can easily invite moisture into your home. Be sure to check walls and floors regularly for damage. It would help if you also took good care of your yard since the soil surrounds your basement walls. You can keep your basement and home beautiful by conducting routine inspections and repairs.


The first step to a healthy basement is to waterproof the walls and floors. It would help if you kept moisture out to avoid mold and mildew. A basement waterproofing company can prepare your new home before you move in. It would help if you also used water-resistant paint when you decorate your basement. Take care to repair worn areas and re-do the waterproofing about every 10 years. If you have foundation damage, however, you may need to update the sealants sooner.

 Subtle Signs Of Damage

You can often avoid major damage by repairing small problems as you see them. It will help if you remain aware of the subtle signs of damage, however. If you see cracks in the walls or flooring, call for an inspection immediately. You may only need a small repair to solve the problem. You can also look out for higher utility bills and humidity in the basement. These can be signs that the sealant on your basement needs updating.

Plumbing And Drainage

When the foundation of a home moves, the plumbing can become damaged, many foundation problems stem from moisture. You may have soil that is too dry or too wet. You can maintain the soil around your home by installing a good drainage system and regularly watering your plants. You can protect your foundation by insulating your pipes, as well.


If you have a new home under construction, plan your tree placement with a professional landscaping company. If large trees’ roots reach your home, they can disrupt the soil and cause severe damage to the foundation. If you purchase a home with trees already in place, have a foundation repair company inspect the property for foundation problems. You may need to have some trees removed if they reside close to the house.


Many people use their basements to store large appliances. It will help if you remain careful about the moisture emitted by certain appliances, however. When you dry your clothes in the dryer, moisture may add humidity to your basement. Refrigerators and deep freezers also add moisture to the environment. Consult a professional before installing appliances in your basement. It would help if you also considered proper ventilation in the area.

Having a basement adds some extra responsibilities to your home care routine. However, you can keep your basement in excellent condition when you adhere to a good maintenance schedule. Proper maintenance helps keep your foundation solid and prevents structural damage to your home. Start with high-quality waterproofing and landscaping. With prompt repairs and careful use, you can keep your home beautiful and healthy.

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