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Gated Neighborhood

Many people appreciate the feeling of safety and security provided in gated communities. There are many benefits these neighborhoods offer to residents and their guests. Of course, there is a price to pay, usually in the form of a monthly Homeowners Association (HOA) fee. For people who want to live in gated neighborhoods, the monthly fees are well worth all the added benefits they receive. Some popular amenities typically include a formal clubhouse, swimming pools, hot tubs, state-of-the-art fitness centers (some with personal trainers), walking trails, BBQ pits, children’s playgrounds, and more.

Some gated communities have 24-hour manned security, while others provide automatic gates that open and close for residents only, using a clicker or some other type of technology. Whether you prefer homes in communities or properties outside of planned neighborhoods, this article is for you.

Benefits Of Gated Homes

In addition to all the amenities, gated home communities provide a barrier to the outside world. Some of these communities avail services from Keyless entry systems like Nimbio, which has been designed to offer unmatched security and convenience to homeowners. To further understand about this keyless security system, you can visit on this link:

Guests would need to be let in by the homeowner or approved to enter through manned security gates. Plus, all the common grounds throughout the neighborhood are generally maintained and cared for by the HOA. Most Golf and Country Club communities provide all the course maintenance like the fairways and greens. They typically offer residents a wide variety of golf packages and tee times. Some luxury gated neighborhoods have ‘resident only’ restaurants and high-end shopping available inside the private guard gates.

Perceived Negatives

For those who do not like living in gated communities, their reasons usually concur. It either revolves around their financial situation or the fact that they prefer a private home free from the rules and regulations that HOAs require from residents. Many people prefer to have the freedom of driving any car or truck they wish without restrictions and without fear of HOA harassment. In a gated development, you are expected to remove your trash cans from the curb the same evening as the trash is removed. You are also required to maintain perfectly trimmed trees, bushes, and lawns.

Waterfront, Golf, And Yacht Club Communities

A popular type of gated community is the waterfront and yacht club development, which are typically located in coastal areas on desirable waterfront real estate. The homes for sale in waterfront, Golf, or Yacht Club communities are typically more expensive than the median home value in the area. You can expect that the monthly HOA fees will be much higher, as well. But most of these luxury neighborhoods provide specialized amenities such as full-service marinas, yacht clubs, waterfront dockage, championship golf courses, pro shops, and a totally inclusive lifestyle.

Gated Condominiums

Checking out gated condominium communities is a popular way to benefit from all the great features offered in gated neighborhoods at an affordable price. Many times, there will be a condo section included in neighborhoods with single-family homes. Typically, the prices are much less expensive, and so is the monthly HOA fee. If the single-family homeowner is paying $600 per month in HOA fees, it is reasonable to assume the condo homeowner is paying around $300. Most of the time, people who own a condo can still take advantage of all that the community has to offer. However, golfing or boating could cost an additional fee, depending on that HOA’s rules.

Housing Values

Something else to consider is that homes within gated communities can appreciate quickly, especially if it is in a hot real estate market. This can be true for homes that are not located in a community, as well. It depends on the local market. However, you will find that well-kept and desirable neighborhoods see healthy appreciation, year after year. The HOA can be a contributing factor for this, too. If the HOA takes impeccable care of the neighborhood and amenities, it will undoubtedly be a desirable neighborhood for buyers, and the listed prices for home sales inevitably go up!

As Golf Popularity Soars, Nearby Property Values Follow Suit


There is a lot to consider when looking at the pros and cons of gated community living. The financial expense of having an HOA typically separates those who love or dislike them. However, as you can conclude, there are many factors to consider that will affect your lifestyle and pocketbook, too.

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  1. Thank you for explaining some of the benefits of living in a gated home. My cousin has been thinking about moving for a while. I wonder if he’s considered a gated community instead of a traditional neighborhood.


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