Pros And Cons Of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing


Pros and Cons of Popular Wood Materials For Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Infographic

Infographic by KitchenCabinetRefacing.Com

Your kitchen cabinets, like your other equipment, will surely end up getting damaged and worn through constant use.

Replacing broken things is a common mindset, and applying it to your kitchen cabinets might prove to be an expensive endeavor that would exhaust your budget for the renovation. What if your kitchen cabinet is already perfect in terms of storage capacity? Buying a new one might mean that your new cabinet has a lower storage capacity. Kitchen cabinet refacing might be what you need.

Kitchen cabinet refacing is a cheaper and more flexible alternative to replacing your cabinets since you don’t need to buy a new set, and you only need wood to reface your cabinet. There are different wood materials available for the refacing project with varying strengths and weaknesses. If the cabinets end up being too worn down then it doesn’t hurt to shop for kitchen cabinets on wholesale to try and bring that cost down.

A refacing project can be a do-it-yourself project if you know how, but several homeowners may opt to hire professional contractors to do the job. Whether you’re planning to reface your kitchen cabinet yourself or you’re hiring a professional to do it, you’ll need to know which wood you’ll use as the material.

The most popular wood choices are red oak, white oak, pine, cherry, maple, walnut, alder, and hickory wood that possess their distinct characteristics and advantages and disadvantages compared to another.

Of the eight wood choices, only the pinewood is classified as a softwood, which means it is prone to scratches and dents; however, it is durable and inexpensive.

Red oak wood is one of the inexpensive yet durable hardwoods available but is inferior to the white oak wood, which is more expensive, more durable, and more resistant to warp and rot than the red oak.

Walnut wood can take intricate carving on its surface while being durable and stable, but it is generally expensive.

The eight popular wood choices have their distinct pros and cons that you can take advantage of depending on your style, preference, and budget. Kitchen Cabinet Refacing provides more details on the wood choices mentioned to help you decide which to use for your project.

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