Protect Furniture by Home Remedies as Insecticides



We all look forward for having a beautiful house with a beautiful plantation too. This will help to have some fresh air within the house. But to maintain the garden or plantation is quite a hard work and the most important task is to keep away the insects. In such a case having a good insecticide is the best option. These insecticides are commercially available at various shops. But these contain a lot of chemicals which are harmful for the environment and also the humans and the pets in the house. These insecticides spray also cost quite a lot of money which gets very expensive too. There are options of making organic insecticide at home which will help to keep the insects away and also save some money too.

Bug Spray Indoor Plants

A mixture of one tablespoon of any regular dishwasher soap and water is also an effective simple insecticide which can be easily made at home. This simple insecticide does wonders on the common pest’s problem of the garden such as the soft boiled ones like the white flies or the spider mites or aphids. This kind insecticide enters the respiratory system of the pest and therefore breaks down the membrane of their internal cells. While using this insecticide it is important to remember that it works well only if it is wet. It is advisable to spray the plants with this solution if the problem doesn’t get solved after the first use.

How Use Insecticidal Soap

We can also make a mixture of one tablespoon of soap, water and also one tablespoon of any kind of oil like the sunflower oil, mineral oil olive oil, or even the vegetable oil. This mixture has to be all mixed together and then filled in a spray bottle. This insecticide is very helpful in damaging the protective wax coating on the insects. This kind of insecticide can be used for killing the more hard boiled pests like the fleas.

OnionsEven a combination of various readily available ingredients at home like the garlic, onion, red pepper soap water and plain water is an effective insecticide too. These all should be combined together to make an effective and also environment friendly insecticide. This kind of insecticide will last for at least two weeks.

We need to be careful while using all these insecticides as the plants can be sensitive to their usage.


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