Protect Your Family From Indoor Air Pollution


Air pollution can cause several respiratory problems. It can also cause several types of allergies. If you already suffer from any allergy, spending time in polluted air can trigger it. So it is best to avoid air pollution.

When we think about air pollution, we always think about the polluted air outside. We do not think about the air inside our houses as polluted. This is a big misconception because the air inside our homes can be as polluted as the air outside. If you think you can avoid pollution by staying inside the house most of the time, you are mistaken.

Protect Your Family From Indoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution Inside Your Home

The air inside your house can have bad quality if you have an air duct system installed in your home. Not cleaning the air ducts can severely impact the air quality in your house. Air ducts can collect dust, dirt, and a lot of other debris over time. When the air comes in for either cooling or heating, these pollutants can come along with it. It can spread around the house and impact air quality. It can also trigger allergic episodes.

If left for long, air ducts can also become a hiding place for mold and mildew. It is important to clean your air ducts every once in a while. You can contact Ontario Duct Cleaning to take care of this issue. Of all types of pollutants that can get into our homes due to air ducts, biological pollutants are the most hazardous. Read on to know more about it.

Biological Pollutants And Their Hazards

There are many kinds of biological pollutants floating around your home without your knowledge. There can be mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses. In springtime, there might be pollens and mites too. Indoor flowering plants increase the amount of pollen in the air inside the house.

If you have pets in your house, there might be pet dander floating in the air. If you have pests like mice and other critters around your house, they can contribute to air pollution. Their droppings become airborne after drying. Pet animals can carry bacteria and viruses too. These germs can be carried around by the air having a bad effect on your health.

Hidden Pet Dander

We pay attention to cleaning pet hair. But pet dander, because it is microscopic, escapes our attention. It is small dried skin particles that come from pets. The common misconception is that only pet hair causes allergies. But it is actually pet dander that is the major reason behind those allergies.

Pet dander can get caught up in carpets and furniture. It is so small that it can float around the house too. Your air duct also collects pet dander, along with dust, dirt, mold, and mildew.

Biological Pollutants And Your Health

Air pollutants, including biological pollutants, give rise to several respiratory issues. They can cause serious illnesses like asthma, too. Other illnesses that can be transmitted through air include flu, pox, and measles.

These pollutants harm those people the most who already have breathing problems or allergies. They can trigger an allergic episode. The pollutants carried by air ducts put the elderly and the children at a higher risk too.

Dryer Vents: The Forgotten Culprit

Apart from the HVAC system, the dryer vents in your home could be a part of the problem too. Not cleaning your dryer vent can cause many issues. It can increase the risks of fire. If your dryer vent is clogged, it can skyrocket your energy bills. But these are not the only problems it causes.

Unclean dryer vents also increase the risks of breathing problems. The dryer vents usually open to the outside. Birds and other small animals can find refuge there and build their nests. They can carry harmful bacteria and viruses. These germs could enter your home through the vent.

Dryer vents that open to the inside are also not safe from all the problems. Although they will not harbor animals and their bacteria, they can form excess moisture. And that can result in the growth of mold and mildew. Ontario Duct Cleaning also cleans dryer vents along with other air ducts.

Stay Safe From Biological Pollutants

Biological pollutants can put your and your family’s health in danger. There are many ways to reduce this hazard. You can clean your home regularly. But it still leaves a little debris behind. The best way of keeping pollutants at bay is to clean your air duct systems. Cleaning the air ducts along with dryer vents, will improve the air quality inside your house.

Maintenance of air ducts and dryer vents will save you a lot of money in energy bills too. It will keep you healthy and disease-free. You can try to clean the ducts on your own. But it will not have the best results always. You may not have the time to clean the ducts properly. After all, cleaning air ducts take a lot of time. It also takes specialized tools, which you might not have.

The best way to clean air ducts and dryer vents are to leave it to the professionals. Many companies provide high-quality duct cleaning services. One such company is Ontario Duct Cleaning. This company provides professionals who have a keen understanding of how air ducts work. It allows them to clean and maintain them properly. Ontario Duct Cleaning professionals are equipped with proper tools to handle air duct cleaning well.


The air inside our house can be polluted too. Biological pollutants and other pollutants can cause breathing problems and trigger allergies. These pollutants can get accumulated in air ducts, so it is important to get them cleaned. Contact Ontario Duct Cleaning and book an appointment today to get your air ducts and dryer vents cleaned by professionals.

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