Protect Your House in Style with Wall Cladding

On January 27, 2015 by Himanshu Shah

Contemporary Exterior Wall Cladding

Who doesn’t want their house to look good? People put in so much effort and take up a number of things in order to beautify their house. One of such a beautification process is wall cladding. It is also known as wall shielding. Well this is a very common thing which lots of people are adapting in order to enhance the look of one’s house. However this process is not just used in order to make a house look good but it also has a lot more to it. It can actually work as a shield for your house. And this is one more reason why it is getting so popular these days.

Interior Wall Cladding

There are many reasons why people opt for wall cladding. But before that you have to know how this cladding process actually works. It is mainly constructed in order to create an outer layer to the primary walls. The construction is done so that the primary walls are protected from heavy winds, rains, or snow. Shielding is basically done to any wall. There are special waterproof cladding done in certain areas of a house like bathroom walls, patio and in the kitchen.  Apart from this, the houses which are located in extreme weather conditions require complete wall shielding. Thus it is important that you know about this is detail.

Exterior Wall Cladding

How Cladding Is Done?

Cladding is done in numerous ways. You can have a look at those and decide which one you need for your house.

  • Stone wall cladding is a very distinguish looking option for a person to choose for his or her house. If you are fond of contemporary designs for your house then this is the best available option for you. Apart from this, this form of wall shielding is considered to be the most durable of all. Once done it can protect your house and beautify it for life. And with the increasing popularity of it you can now find great and innovative ways to design the walls of the house with the help of stones.
  • Brick cladding. As the name says the material used in this option is bricks. Just as stones, the brick cladding is also very durable. However they come in the list of the expensive ones. But the look of bricks can be molded very interestingly. In case you are not willing to spend a lot but still wish to have brick walls in your house you can pick some and get it done der.
  • Fibers cement wall cladding. Well this is low maintenance option and best for people who are very lazy as far as cleaning and maintaining their house is concerned. It is also very affordable as compared to the above options. When applied it gives you a look of wooden wall, which is absolutely not the case.

Timber Wall Cladding

After this you have the most ancient method of wall cladding which is timber walls. Also very popular as hardwood cladding, this method is again a durable option for you. As being in the market from decades its popularity is very high when compared to others. They are majorly used for exterior cladding purpose. In case you are not up for spending very high then you can choose softwood as cladding option instead of hardwood.

Plastic Wall Cladding

Last but not the least is plastic wall cladding. Well if you are not at all willing to spend very high on cladding your wall then you can now go easy on your bank balance with this option. In this option the material used is unplasticized polyvinyl chloride more profoundly known as uPVC. They are not just friendly towards to your pockets but also very easy to maintain.

Wall cladding, when done properly, lends a tremendous artistic look to your overall home décor with stone cladding.

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