Protecting Your Building Entrance With Heavy Duty Carpets


Entrance Flooring Carpets

Entrances come in all types, including public and private sector buildings such as offices, banks, corporate outlets, retail centers, schools, and sports and leisure centers. You can protect your building entrance and indoor flooring and coverings by installing heavy-duty entrance flooring carpets.

In this article, you will learn more about how heavy-duty carpets can help protect your business entrance.

  1. First Line Of Defense

Remember that entrance matting or carpeting is your building’s first line against dirt and debris brought about by customers, guests, visitors, and employees. With heavy-duty carpeting, around 80% of dirt is removed, which is equivalent to 24 pounds of dirt deposits over the course of 20 days, with a thousand people entering the building daily.

  1. Effective Dirt Removal

Proper use of heavy-duty carpeting at your entrance building reduces the amount of dirt brought by heavy traffic into the building that could get trapped in your interior carpeting. Just imagine carpet soils like razors, and every time they are walked on or stepped upon, their fibers are cut. Carpet fibers trap dirt. Along with it, the overall life span of carpets is shortened.

  1. Keep Up Building Appearance

Heavy-duty carpets come in multiple heights and a wide range of installations to protect the floor coverings of your building. You’ll find a stylish heavy duty entrance carpet that will perfectly match your building décor. Also, you’ll save much on cleaning costs by installing heavy-duty carpets by the entrance.

Here’s how heavy-duty carpets can keep up with a good building appearance:

  • Diagonal Pattern: Choose a heavy-duty carpet with diagonal patterns that allow for easy cleaning of shoes in any direction, protecting your floor from mud, dirt, and tiny stones stuck underneath the shoes.
  • Multiple Colored: Dual or tri-grit carpet patterns in neutral or dark colors help hide dirt in between cleanings, helping maintain your building entrance’s clean and appealing appearance.
  1. Comply With Legal Safety Building Requirements

Building entrances quickly become wet on snowy and rainy days, with water being introduced to floorings when traffic comes in. The fluid is trapped when the shoe touches the flooring, possibly causing slip and fall accidents.

When any of these incidents happen, you might be sued for personal injury, which means paying expensive compensations and fines. Business owners have the responsibility to keep building premises safe at all times. To comply with safety building requirements, installing heavy-duty carpets is a must.

Here’s how installing entrance carpets can help with public safety:

  • Protect Air Quality: With well-maintained carpets, you can improve indoor air quality inside the building, as air particles in the air are reduced. The floor is preserved from absorbing too much dirt that can contaminate the air.
  • Reduce Slips And Fall: Entrance mats and carpets play an essential role in reducing slips and falls. Wet floors are avoided by drying wet shoes at the entrance. Matting or carpeting should be secure. They should have a firm backing or consider no backing with a level surface.
  • Make Building Entrance Accessible To All: Keep your building outdoor and indoor entrances accessible for those who have mobility impairments, like people using wheelchairs and walking aids. It’s best to invest in non-directional and dense pile entrance carpets so wheelchair users can easily pass through.
  1. Heavy Duty Carpeting Absorb Initial Abuse

Heavy Duty Entrance Flooring Carpets

Installing heavy-duty carpeting at the entrance absorbs initial abuse due to heavy traffic of soiled shoes entering the building. In return, it will help extend the life span of your interior flooring, protecting your investment. It only means that the more dirt and debris are removed at the main entrance, the less amount is handled inside.

Take a look at the following qualities of heavy-duty carpeting that can help absorb initial abuse:

  • Choose a heavy-duty entrance carpeting or matting made from coarse yarns to scrape dirt and debris from shoes effectively.
  • Install a permanent entryway walk-off system that measures at least 10 feet long.
  • Crush resistant carpets tolerate more wear, thus keeping their functionality and appearance longer in heavy traffic conditions.
  • Entrance mats and carpets should have a high-water absorption rate (at least four to five liters of water capacity) to clean and dry shoes for high traffic areas.


Protect your building entrance by installing heavy-duty carpets. Such features will help remove dirt and debris from hundreds or thousands of shoes from heavy traffic each day. Trapping heavy soil at the entrance will help preserve the life span of your indoor floor coverings and flooring while maintaining good indoor air quality at the same time. Most importantly, the safety and health of everyone entering your building are safeguarded, which helps prevent facing legal consequences.

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