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When you become a homeowner, you accept that there are certain risks that come with this role. Most likely, this house is the biggest investment you have ever made, with few exceptions. Even if you are a renter who lives in an apartment, you hold a certain level of responsibility for protecting the property from damage. Different types of damage can ruin the integrity of your living space and end up costing you or your landlord a lot of money.

Appliances are an important feature in any living space. From refrigerators to microwaves to dishwashers to dryers, appliances are a necessity for a certain quality of life. These complex machines make life easier, but they are prone to a variety of maintenance and technical issues that can lead to malfunction.

Protecting your home or apartment from damage when appliance malfunctions occur is an important aspect of being a homeowner or tenant. Here are a few tips to follow to prevent or mitigate the impact of these incidents.

For more help knowing when you will need to repair or replace your appliances, please see the helpful infographic below.

Your Ultimate Guide For When To Replace Household Appliances Infographic

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  1. Regular Upkeep

If you own the appliance, then you are responsible for keeping it functional. Some larger appliances like furnaces, water heaters, dishwashers, and ovens may have practices that are recommended for upkeep. Whether that means cleaning the appliance, replacing filters, or performing routine checks, you will need to keep up with maintenance needs for all your appliances to prevent malfunctions from happening. This is a more proactive approach that could increase the lifetime of these machines and ensure that they continue to serve their purpose for years to come.

  1. Using The Appliances Properly

User error is one of the most common causes of appliance malfunctions. Simple mistakes like overfilling a dishwasher or not clearing the dryer vent are just a few of the reasons why appliances can break. If you put unnecessary pressure on the machine to perform its function beyond its capabilities, this can also lead to a break. One of the easiest ways to avoid breaking your appliances is to become familiar with their intended use. Take a look at the operator manuals for each machine and take note of the warnings that come with the products. These issues are completely avoidable if you do just a little bit of research and could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

  1. Understanding The Consequences

If you need any motivation to use your appliances the way they are meant to be used, look no further than the potential consequences. Replacing the machine itself may not be the only expense you will have to deal with after a malfunction. Misusing a microwave or stove could spark a fire that damages large areas of the living space. Overfilling a dishwasher or washing machine could lead to a flooded kitchen or basement, in which case you will have to pay for professional water restoration and mold remediation. These costs, if not covered by insurance, could be a massive hit to your finances, and if user error was involved, insurance is unlikely to be very helpful.

  1. Invest In Newer Models

Sometimes the best solution to protect your home or apartment is to replace old models with new purchases. If you are a renter, then you will likely have to leave this up to your landlord, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, especially if you notice that the models in your unit are on their last legs. Lots of appliances nowadays are able to perform more functions and are energy-efficient. This means that not only will you have appliances that are less likely to malfunction, but you will have lower utility costs while running them. Plus, if you ever plan to sell this home, new appliances will be an enticing feature for potential buyers, increasing the value of the property.

  1. Ask Professionals For Help

The final suggestion for preventing major appliance malfunctions is to ask for help from experts. Whether they come from the company that makes the machine or are independent contractors, a professional who can help you diagnose the issue and implement repairs could save you a lot of money on future concerns. If you notice that your appliances are behaving strangely or not working as well as they have in the past, get in touch with the manufacturing company or a local professional to come and take a look. The last thing that you want to do is ignore the issue and have it become a much more costly repair in a year or two.

  1. In General, Be Proactive

In the interest of saving money on repairs, you may be tempted to avoid performing routine maintenance or upkeep on your appliances, especially since your home probably has multiple machines. Being proactive while taking care of your appliances will be worth the investment, whatever that looks like. To avoid having to make massive repairs from water damage, fire damage, or something else, keep up with routine maintenance, use the machines only for their intended use, address repairs quickly, and don’t be afraid to ask for professional help.

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