Protecting Your Roof During Hurricane Season


Coastal living can be incredibly rewarding, given the beauty and relaxation this type of environment provides. During hurricane season, coastal living can be somewhat stressful, too. Although most people have come to terms with the dangers of living on the coast in exchange for the beauty and inviting climate, that doesn’t mean we have to roll over when the next hurricane comes.

There are things we can all do to strengthen our home’s protection in the face of bad weather that cost little money and time. When considering options, one of the most important components of your home that needs to be protected is your roof. You can never be too prepared for a hurricane, and your roof is no exception.

Steps To Take To Protect Your Roof

Most of these steps can be done on your own for little money and a small bit of your time. Some may need the assistance of a roofer. Taking the appropriate measures to protect your home’s roof means you’ll be that much more prepared when the next hurricane hits.

  1. Use Roof Tie Downs


Use Roof Tie Downs: Roof tie-downs (also known as hurricane straps) are brackets of sorts that are attached to roof rafters and connected to the outer home walls. They connect the roof to the underlying structure of your home. Tie-downs strengthen the connection between your roof and your home, thereby making it less exposed to dangerous up sweeping winds. Although they can be done yourself, the assistance of a roofer is advised for the installation of hurricane straps.

  1. Update The Shingles On Your Roof


Updating the shingles on your roof is a very simple, inexpensive process. Check for loose or missing shingles, then reapply them by using roof adhesive. Make sure you leave yourself enough time, though, as the adhesive takes a while to set. You can repair and replace shingles up to two to four weeks before the hurricane season.

  1. Trim The Trees Around Your House

Trim The Trees Around Your House

Trim the trees around your house: If trees are positioned close to your home, take the time to trim them appropriately, so that loose or overextended branches don’t fly apart and crash into your home. Depending on the extent of your tree growth, you may need the assistance of a professional tree removing service.

  1. Clean The Gutters And Drain Systems

Gutter Repairing

One of the easiest things you can do to protect your home during heavy rains brought about by hurricane season is to clean your gutters and drains. Ensure they are free from leaves and debris so that drainage can occur efficiently.

  1. Reinforcing The Roofing System (If Necessary)

Protecting Your Roof During Hurricane Season

One of the more extensive, time-consuming measures you can take is reinforcing your roofing system with the use of 2×4’s attached to the trusses. You may want to seek the assistance of a roofer, or if you’re comfortable with the process, you can do it yourself.

Inspect Your Roof Regularly: Grab a ladder and take a look at the quality of your roof. If you don’t, you may never know there are loose or missing shingles affecting the integrity of your roof. You may never notice the number of tree branches that rest dangerously close to your home.

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