Quartz For Bathroom Vanity: 11 Design Ideas


Quartz For Bathroom Vanity

Gone are the days when the bathroom countertops were quite simple, with a porcelain pedestal to place the soap bar. The long-past Victorian era managed to spawn its evolution in luxurious fixtures. The bathrooms used by families are busy and not as romantic as they should be, but the purpose of the bathroom is the same.

A bathroom is not simply a space to wash hands or brush teeth; it’s an elegant space to allow anyone to get ready to take on the day with maximum comfort. The evolution of bathrooms is still in its early phase and experimenting with various materials.

Homeowners who are exploring quartz for bathroom vanity units and the elegance it offers to any bathroom can continue reading to learn more.

Let us explore how quartz countertops can help homeowners create the vanity they want for their bathroom. Learn more about bathroom countertops in this Caesarstone guide.

11 pro tips for a perfect quartz bathroom vanity

  1. Quartz Offers Versatility

Quartz is a highly versatile material, and it can be used to create a neutral countertop in any bathroom. Additionally, quartz is completely nonporous, and there is no need to use sealants on the surface. Quartz is also stain-resistant and damage resistant against cosmetics and chemicals, which is an essential property for bathroom vanity units and other forms of interior decor.

  1. Floating Counter

One of the best ways to experience the versatility and elegance of quartz is to use it to create and cover the entire sink base. Black quartz can create an unparalleled aesthetic appeal for any bathroom.

Use it to create a cantilevered plinth that offers the illusion of a floating countertop without much weight or cost. Extra storage can be stored below the floating counter. The counter itself becomes the primary focal point in the bathroom.

  1. Sandy Quartz

Sandy quartz is a light beige color with unique specks of brown shade that makes it a great neutral option. Although most people think that a quartz countertop is the most used in modern bathroom designs, it is possible to make it suit almost any style. The material is durable and has a long life; it pays to use the quartz countertop that can seamlessly fit with both conventional and modern designs.

  1. Transitional Design

Most bathrooms are made with a style in between conventional and contemporary designs. These bathrooms are transitional, taking the design inspiration from conventional elements and simplifying their details.

Homeowners can use a pair marble flooring and some ornate mirrors with their stylish vanity. The countertop is incomplete without a lot of details in itself; else, it may overwhelm the interior space.

  1. Stone And Glass

Choosing quartz countertops for bathroom vanity is great but not a unique idea. To make it unique, homeowners can pair it with a glass sink. Get a glass sink with some unique features and unusual shape. Glass sink does not mean transparent but translucent, which offers it a unique appearance and focal point in any bathroom.

  1. Polished Finish

Quartz is customizable in addition to the polished finish that has always been popular. Homeowners can also choose solid finishes that are smooth, matte, and non-reflective.

This finish reduces the water-resistant capability of natural stone countertops, but a quartz countertop does not; it always maintains its hard-working quality, is easy to care for, and is resistant to bacteria and mold. Families can add even more characters by ordering a custom bench border.

  1. Counter Culture

Most countertops have straight edges, which makes sense in kitchens, where countertops need to blend seamlessly with the work area. On the other hand, in the bathroom, homeowners can let their creativity run wild. Choose a bevelled edge for a floating top that resembles an orbit in a parallelogram.

Families might also consider incorporating a cascading edge, but at a slight angle rather than straight down. Homeowners can experiment with many things in the bathroom, like drawers or cabinet doors. This will require some custom work; however, it does not cost much.

  1. The Marble Look

While marble floors in a bathroom have the potential to stay spotless with cleaning and maintenance, this isn’t always the case with countertops.

That’s why a marble-effect quartz countertop can have a look that homeowners want without much maintenance. Simply combine beautiful marble on the walls with a quartz countertop for a clean, white, and sleek bathroom design that requires far less work and maintenance.

  1. Metal Sink

While metal sinks are certainly common in kitchens, finding one in a bathroom is unexpected. However, a metal sink can look very attractive, especially when paired with granite countertops that reflect the specific flint of the metal chosen. Homeowners can also play around with the type and finish of lamps to further enhance the contemporary feel of the bathroom vanity.

  1. Prefab Countertops

How can homeowners get a super stylish and fabulous look for less money and in quite less time? Prefabricated countertops are a great option.

Prefabricated countertops make upgrades quick and easy. Quartz countertops come in many popular shapes, sizes, and colors and tend to cost less than most other materials or options, but they are extremely high-quality! Ready-made countertop options include some of the most eye-catching and on-trend colors and patterns.

  1. Keep It Simple

Bathroom vanity countertops don’t need to be extra stylish. A simple and sober white quartz countertop can pair well with everything in a bathroom and keep the design minimal. Install a marble grain style white countertop to create a luxury look without overwhelming the rest of the bathroom’s décor.

Summing Up: Quartz For Bathroom Vanity

Buying a quartz countertop for bathroom vanity units and home décor is sophisticated and stylish. Homeowners can use quartz countertops combined with these ideas to enhance the aesthetics of their bathroom.

Moreover, quartz countertops are good to use in the kitchen and other areas of any residential property. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to see why so many homeowners in Canada are opting for quartz for their bathroom vanity units.

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